Letter from New York

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

New York artist Marshall Webber writes from home

by PNN Staff

dear all:

we're all safe and thankful for it

hiding our tears

best as can be expected

housing friends from downtown. air sucks

watched the fucking towers fall.

every time I get a little out of shock

I fall into depression

I don't know what's worse

but we are so glad to be safe to be alive

and rage at the violence and racist jingoism of this country and it patriotic soldiers- this fading empire and its crusades- and the desperate as yet unknown soldiers who oppose this empire with their own version of carnage, simply trying to become the next empire.

what can we do? - we can stop the weapons flow to the MiddleEast, stop US support of the military and aparteid state of Israel, take that money and build peace, make Jerusalem an international city, take down the Israeli settlements in Palestine, demand Saudi Arabia dismantle its military empire, and redistribute the wealth of the MiddleEast, get rid of the Taliban, start worldwide negociations to deal with Islamic
adventurism and its support by various Western military and intelligence agencies and MiddleEastern states, improve the poverty ridden infrastructures of the countries that provide fodder for the Islamic war, muzzle the US intelligence agencies who have little
contemporary understanding of the middle east, dump all the cold warriers in the US and Europe

and that's just the start.

the smell of death is in my apartment.

but by all the gods we will live on and make art and

bring up our children.

p.s. uh- by the way- it is war already- the city is still burning

i see the buildings burning in dreams in flashbacks, in film loop brain

lots of crying here

posters of lost people on the streets

we need to protest this war NOW!!



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