20 Things Rich People NEVER Tell Poor People

Tiny - Posted on 02 August 2015

Introduction: As a poor daughter of a disabled, houseless single mama of color who spent most of my life eating bad food, getting no or bad healthcare, being evicted, criminalized, houseless and eventually incarcerated for “crimes of poverty” in this wite-supremacist, wealth-hoarding, stolen indigenous territory the original land-stealers call the US, I have discovered the following facts from me and my families personal experience and I felt it was necessary to put together a clear list for my fellow poverty skolaz, as well as conscious "rich" peoples eager to enact redistribution and real change, to help us all heal and un-pack  the multitude of lies that keep us poor, sick, incarcerated and distracted. This is the just the beginning of a very looong list, so add yours and send them in too!)

1) Rich ( mostly white) people own all of  the multi-national corporations that own all of the radio, TV, internet, phone, cable, billboard and bus shelters companies, including the ones that broadcast to low-income, working class communities and communities of color. These are the same corporations that also own or invest in gun manufacturers, military industries, slave-wage owners, bad and poison food purveyors (fast food, etc), the phone and internet companies who advertise and most of everything you hear and see being “pitched to you” on the web, radio and TV  and are invested in keeping mostly poor and poor people of color working, eating and slaving away for their corporations and never even see an alternative.

2) "Good Credit" as defined by the US debt industrial complex-(and land, homes cars, boats and assets) is not something you attain from working "real hard" and paying your bills on time, there are a scant few of us who attain "good credit" from that US scarcity model, if we are lucky enough to get the remaining un-privatized union jobs, government jobs, etc with living wages and benefits and/or not be destroyed by the many violent aspects of poverty, racism, colonialism, post-traumatic slave syndrome, etc. Rather it is something that people are born into through their parents stolen and/or hoarded "wealth" and credit and/or through unseen, inherited assets, trust funds, real property, friends, akademia, etc. stolen mama earth ( land, homes, etc) usually comes from the same stream of access
3) Most rich people are not rich because of their "hard" work but because of their ancestors or parents work or investments in stolen indigenous resources, aka Mama Earht's buying and selling, exploitation of workers and/or industries locally and globally that exploit people and their labor as well as unseen, mis-understood ways that money and race make an endless list of hook-ups behind closed doors for other rich people with race and class privilege to get continued access for each other. And just because they have money doesn't mean they earned it or should decide who deserves it or how to use it wisely. In fact they usually waste a whole lot of money, because they never had to struggle for it, earn it or understand it.

4) All the gynormous supermarkets were built for poor people and are owned by rich people and sell poison masked as “discounted food” filled with all kinds of fat, sugar, salt, hormones, drugs, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients (GMO). GMO’s can be everything from tomatoes mixed with frog genes so they don’t get “bruises” or look bad in the discount markets to salad oil “cut” with plastic and thanks to more corporate lies they don’t have to tell us about the plastic and frog genes and chemicals on the label.  From .25 ramen to a box of fish sticks for 1.99 no-one should eat any of this stuff, least of all us poor people who are already prone to illness due to over-work and stress of poverty, no mental energy or time or money to work out and lose the weight or money to pay for the drugs and healthcare costs once we get sick from the food they make so much money selling us.

5) All the drugs that we barely can afford to buy on our poor people healthcare plans but are told/coerced/forced to take to “heal” or “deal” with our many illnesses ( diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, etc.) that we get from our high-stress lives, our over-work, and the bad food we are constantly being sold  is another lie. Your (western medicine) doctors are wooed/bought off by the drug companies so they will rarely, if ever, tell you that you don’t need all of those drugs and could get healthier by changing your diet and eating the healthy, “organic” food that they, the doctors probably eat, but has been made too expensive to buy by the same agri-business corporations that own the discount supermarkets and steal land from indigenous people in Africa and Central and South America. And/or that you could take herbal plants, teas, tinctures and food like your indigenous ancestors used to take before the same colonizer corporations stole your ancestral land and  resources.

6)No-one should never sit at a desk and work for 8 or more hours in a row, matter of fact none of us shouldn’t be sitting in one place longer than 30 minutes at a time. But poor workers in the digital sweatshops, data entry in the low-wage data entry jobs they need us to do so their multi-national companies continue to make hand over fists in dollars on our backs literally. They don't tell us about the "Standing Desk which rich people use so they can stand while working because it has been proven that sitting leads to more heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and other illnesses related to a sedentary life ( not much movement).

7) Poor families and children are getting cancer, asthma and diabetes living in the intentionally blighted, poor people of color  neighborhoods, and projects that they built, red-lined and destroyed for us to live in  where they dump all of their toxic waste, oil drilling and trash.

8) We should not be commuting for hours to our jobs which we now have no choice but to do because the rich people have displaced and gentrified us out of the neighborhoods which are close to our jobs so now we are gaining weight, which causes our blood pressure to rise and need the big pharma medicine the corporations make more money selling us all so we can commute hundreds of miles to the jobs that remain in our towns of origins.

9) We should NEVER eat most ALL fast foods cause it is filled with Genetically modified organisms that sit in our body and never break-down like we swallowed a styro-foam cup which also never breaks down  And we should NEVER use styrofoam cups (see above)

10) There is very dangerous radiation or “EMF” that is omitted from the laptop computers, phones and video games we and our children use all the time. This radiation has been proven to severely affect our ability to have children or “reproduce” and as well is proven to cause multiple kinds of cancer which has led to the spike in cancer rates over the last three years. These facts are never listed as a warning when we are so heavily pitched/sold on the newest iPad, smart phone,laptop,video game or computer through the media corporations that own the phone, game and computer companies.

11) We Should Really NEVER eat and fish from the Pacific ocean because of the millions of tons of cesium which leaks into the sea everyday from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011

12)Our children are being lied to, racialized, mis-educated and profiled for being poor and maybe not passing their racist, classist tests which they are forcing on our children in the “public” school system they set up for us poor people to go to so they could continue to promote the lie of success that keeps us all on the hamster wheel listed above.

13) 98.% of the people arrested and incarcerated come from poverty, are disabled and/or are people of color

14) If at any point we figure any of the aforementioned facts and decide to rebel rich people have spent billions of dollars on modern day slave-catchers and bounty hunters to arrest us and million dollar plantation prisons for us to live in just in case we refuse to follow any of the above templates

15) Most schools NEVER teach gardening to children so they force us to continue to think we have to buy vegetables and fruits that we could grow ourselves (or not buy them at all because we can’t afford them).

16) Schools never teach our children our true histories and her stories of colonization, land-theft or liberation, pre-colonial knowledge, science of mama earth and our multi-nationed beauty and abundance we all had before the lie of discovery.

17) Isolation kills: we are all taught that “independence” from our peoples, spirit, cultures and languages and families we all came from is the answer to “happiness” and that isolation is “natural” and if we don’t feel ok with it we just need to buy new things or  take more big pharma drugs or the man's poison ( alcohol & drugs) to solve our problems or see a counselor which most of us can’t even afford. We are taught to rarely if ever question this and therefore feed into the continued success of the corporations through the endless “buying” of things for happiness or just numb ourselves to not think about how bad we feel and end up with addictions to substances that eventually kill us and destroy our families and communities.

18)We are all taught that it is not only ok to buy and sell mama earth i.e, buying real estate, but that making profit off of buying and selling something that was never for sale is a way to become “successful” so we are all sort of ok with the idea of renting  and selling of mama earth, her earth peoples and our/her natural resources.As well, that we feel helpless to deal with the growing homelessness, massive evictions and housing instability due to the profiting off of something that was never for sale We are never told that we could live and really well just be taking care of each other and mama earth, by learning back the ways of our ancestors we could heal mama earth and all of us from so many of the aforementioned illnesses and trauma.

19) There is a “blue light” in every computer screen that is manufactured for consumers that has been proven to cause early cataracts ( eye diseases) and reduced vision in children as young as 6 years old as well as insomnia, breast and ovarian cancer and depression
There is a way of taking off the blue light or reducing the blue light and yet it is never spoken about except to other rich people. ( research by Dr. William Harrison, a renowned optometrist in Laguna Beach, Calif.,said he doubts the corporations will ever reduce the “blue light” because then the corporations will have to admit they were harming us and then they will have to deal with lawsuits- i learned about this because my partner, a security guard at a rich people hotel snuck us into a rich people only health tips workshop)

20) Most poor people ( which we Po folks already know) are some of the hardest working, humble, big-hearted and generous people and may not have alot of the fake paper dollars created by the same rich people who stay rich but have more wealth in their hearts and souls and minds than any rich people ever did.



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