The desecration of nature and people

Tiny - Posted on 21 August 2015

Queenandi XSheba

After the slaughter of the beloved Cecil the lion, many people took to social media outraged over the illegal killing of the protected, rare black-maned lion. Walter Palmer, along with two others had allegedly lured Cecil out of the national park with a dead animal carcass that was tied to a tree. Earlier reports say that Cecil was wounded and hunted for another 40 hours before the amerikkkan dentist finished sacred Cecil off, beheading and skinning him. If reports are accurate, Cecil suffered and that is indeed one of the worst cases of animal cruelty. Cruel as it may be, we still have people out there like Sabrina Corgatelli, aka "The italian huntress" who claims she respects nature but then arrogantly posts up quotes like "To all the haters, stay tuned, you're gonna have so much more to be pissed about." Looks as if she is the hater, seeing her blatant disrespect towards the beautiful, living beings that God and Mother Nature created and these acts of mankind displays the foolishness of man/woman and how this barbaric stupidity is the downfall of Mama Earth as a whole. The argument of how hunting down to the extinction of these gorgeous creatures brings in millions in revenue falls upon deaf ears because nothing rightfully belonging to Mother Earth should have a price tag on it. If the people take care not to destroy her, she would take care of us and we would not be worried about any natural resources "running out". Theft, exploitation and devilish greed has got the world in the sling its in now.

Anyone who takes pride and gleeful pleasure in hunting and deliberately killing off different, living beings have a twisted sickness of a false sense of domination and control. The hunt and kill is not even for the sake of needing food, clothing or shelter and even so there is a way you pray and thank the animal for its sacrifice and be careful not to let any part of it go to waste because like Mama Carolyn Brantley X (ashe) used to say, "It was a a sin". Folks who see absolutely nothing wrong with slaughtering for fun and head collecting, folks that accept the annihilation of animals AND people as a way of life and treats it as something to just shrug off further shows how complacent, mentally and spiritually ill this universe has become.   

Other so-called hunters who take pride in defying the laws of nature have also been under fire in the recent past, like Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones who became infamous for posting some of the most beautiful beings on the planet, dead and desecrated as she poses next to her kill,  proud with the "lynching smile" on her face,  the same eerie, soul chilling smile that I saw on the faces of those ameriklans who slaughtered the stolen Africans here and proudly took pictures with their bodies.The smiles and smirks and the pride behind taking away life and mutilating the body parts and keeping them as souvenirs has horrible similarities to the "animal hunters" and regardless of it being a lion or a person, it takes a crazed mind to believe that playing a part in the destruction of Pancha Mama is a normal "humankindness" thing to do and to try and justify that the sickly-odd trophy collectors who carries this fake license of entitlement to kill and erase whatever living being they choose. To try and justify the sickly-odd trophy collectors who carries the fake licenses of entitlement to kill and erase whatever living beings they choose because of their stolen wealth and arrogance would be like trying to fry fish in boiling water- unsuccessful. To even say that death happens all of the time is a complacent statement also in my opinion because although it is true, there would not be so much of death and despair if Man(kind) was more open-minded and respectful to our universal obligations and did not glorify ignorance and greed. As a descendant of a stolen and hunted people it was, and always will be disturbing to see photos of the deliberate and beastly murders of human beings and sacred animals for no reason other than they dared to exist. And unfortunately for myself and Sacred Cecil, our killers looked alike in this case.


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