The look on his face is childlike -stockton police assault mentally disabled man

Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2015

Al Osorio for PNN
The first time i saw James Smith he was with his mother Teresa at a community event and it was immediately obvious that James was mentally disabled. The look on his face is childlike, there is nothing threatening in his appearance or his movements. Unless you are a police officer. Then James black skin may cause you to view as thuggish what less biased individuals would consider childlike innocence. 
On Friday, Nov 21 2014 police officer Houston Sensabaugh allegedly was flagged down by people who asked for help and pointed at James. Officer Sensabaugh claimed James was acting out and wouldn’t comply, then began swinging at him. Interestingly enough officer Sensabaugh has killed two suspects in the line of duty. 
After officer Sensabaugh subdued and handcuffed James he released a department K-9, the dog then bit neighbor Patrina Walker before assaulting James.
The dog got off me and started attacking him while he was already handcuffed with his stomach down with his hands behind his back,” per CBS Sacramento news report. Below is video of the attack as well as Teresa Smith showing her sons wounds to the Stockton city council.
The assault continued for over one minute before officers called off the canine and took James into custody for 'resisting arrest'. He was held for four days, upon being arraigned the judge saw James was disabled and ordered his release and all charges to be dropped. 
His mother is not satisfied. Stockton PD's investigation found no wrongdoing (see attachment) and they also have harassed Teresa, including the night of the assault. Below is the account in her own words of her mistreatment by law enforcement the night of the assault.
The police stopped me in front of Stockton police station the California highway patrol pointed guns at me my son Josiah,my neighbor Trayvon Miles and Darnesha Christian had guns pointed at her also my son his age at the time was 14.Trayvon Miles my neighbor 14years old at the time guns was drawn on all of us.California highway patrol stop me in front of Stockton police department. California Highway Patrol told me to get out my car throw keys out the window and walk with my back turn to them while guns pointed at me.California highway patrolman search my car  illegally.November 21,2014 my green Dodge Stratus was towed away by Charterway Tow.I use to have a Crown Victoria Car I got the car repossessed I had that tag on the Dodge Status I was driving that night on Nov21,2014 I wasn't thinking my mind was looking for my son James  Smith that night on NOv21,2014.I was a target one wrong move California Highway Patrol would have kill me immediately. I would have never been in that car driving if Stockton Police would never have taken my son James Derek Smith period.
Teresa Smith is an accomplished gospel and blues singer, this is the song she wrote following James ordeal.


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