Mirkarimi's house of horrors

Tiny - Posted on 13 October 2015

Rommie Whittaker
On September 21, 2015 (the anniversary of the end of my tour of duty in the U.S. Navy) I participated along with comrades of Poor Magazine Tiny, Leroy Moore and Queenandi X. Sheba Shabazz in a rally that started in front of Twitter's headquarters on Market st-- Where police arrested and beat a one legged black man for allegedly using a crutch as a weapon--  with a consequent march that landed us in the same rally in front of the San Francisco Hall of Injustice aka Ross Mirkarimi's house of horrors and torture dungeon.
The rally and march were used to shed light on 5 mysterious and unsolved inmate deaths that took place at the county jail located at 850 Bryant st., which is also the location of the Hall of Injustice.

The action was spearheaded by Jeremy Miller of the Idriss Stelley foundation.

We marched on the sidewalk I helped carry a banner along with another colleague. Upon arrival to the house of horrors we were carefully watched by SF Sheriff deputies uniformed police and other unspecified court personnel who could have easily been responsible for the deaths or know who was. One suit kept a menacing and watchful eye on me and I noticed he and one of the Sheriff's deputies were also present when we returned to demand the DA bring murder charges against real estate speculators who evicted elders who later died as a result.(more on that in another story)/one noteworthy speaker was la Mesha Irrizary also the founder of the Idriss Stelley Foundation who's only child Idriss Stelley was murdered by SFPD.


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