Our murdered sunz and daughters-where's the justice?

Tiny - Posted on 16 November 2015


"One of the main issues in life I think we should be paying attention to is the mental destruction of Black (so-called African American) culture. Life itself is a whole different experience in the eyes of the inner city Black youth. The problem is not money, nor is the problem "education". The problem is the lack of culture. Now in these times the majority of Black people adapt to life, making their own culture. These cultures deprive from the mental progression of Black youth, leaving them in a state of immaturity. This immature state leaves a mental blockage in Black men and females alike. These youth grow up in hostile areas with no fathers. These actions produce a product of the environment. Some ask how these events unfolded. Many people have different theories for how such a detrimental act could happen. The answer is that the "founding fathers" of this country put such a harsh footprint into the African American race as a whole. For hundreds of years these acts have continued."

The beautiful statement was from Yalani Chinyamurindi, 19, who was murdered on January 9th of this year along with Manuel O'Neal 22, David Saucier 20, and Harith Atchan 21. The case has not been solved although one clue was that a rental car was allegedly used in the shooting, but even with that piece of information, the case grew cold. The media and those with stolen privilege in the community made it a definite point to focus on the 2 guns that were allegedly found on the scene thus automatically branding the young men with the stigma of "criminal" and with that stamp, their black lives did not matter. There were fliers placed on nearby cars saying that the 4 men were "dead criminals" and one caucasian woman coldly stated that "There is always something with you people" during the vigil honoring their lives.

Consuela, the strong Mama of victim Manuel O'Neal described how the po'lice at the crime scene treated her with disrespect, treated her like it was wrong to have heart-wrenching reaction ANY mother would have when her child is murdered. The cold-blooded contempt against our people, regardless of a "criminal" or "skolar" stamp is what makes it easier for this racist "Sssystem" to quickly sweep the murders of people of color under the rug. Let's just judge based upon "criminal" background!

At the same exact time, we are told to honor criminals like Christopher Columbus and to celebrate a holiday in his name. We are manipulated and brainwashed into honoring our enslavers, culture-vultures and colonizers, and to turn an blind eye in this kkkiller kkkountry to why our children, under mental and spiritual slavery need guns in the first place.

From Chicago, New York and the Bay Area, the pain of the surviving heartbroken Mama plagues our poor communities and communities of color all across the country and abroad. Our young men's lives are especially overlooked because it is more convenient to criminalize them for political gain, prison profit and gentrifukation (Let's be honest here!) 

My brother Marcus Nellon's death was first ruled "suspicious", then ruled a suicide because young men in "Da hood" often take 357 magnums and shoot themselves right between the eyes! (except, NO!) but by growing up a kid in deep struggle and railroaded into the juvenile injustice Sssystem, Marcus, unfortunately was a perfect candidate for the "one less nigger" project. My family was intimidated by the woman who last saw my brother alive, she and her mother tried to sue me for Marcus's urn and for the final blow to the soul is that this woman boasted of her ability to "snake" people and of her acquaintance to then District Attorney Kamala Harris. That's the reason why she did not have to follow protocol in my brother's investigation and she was able to go to the victim witness program and fill out an application, posing as if she was the next of kin to my brother and almost gotten away with it had I not shown up to the VW office. Marcus' death was swept under the rug, like so many before him because anytime we live in a world that we have to convince other so-called human beings that BLACK hueman beings lives matter is the same world that knew us, but did not include us from the gate.

"I would rather go to the war overseas than to continue to fight the "ghetto" war with the police getting away with doing whatever, and saying whatever they want against you." -Marcus Nellon

"If your child was beaten then raped then hung, you as a person would be mentally "fucked" for being the parent of a child that was put into a position in such a manner. This is just one major act of several major acts that left black people as a culture in the state of mind that they are at today. This act is one of the most (if not the most) devastating act of mankind."-Yalani Chinyamurindi

You say "one less nigger", I say "Two more young Kings with potential that were stolen from us"

Yes, I did "brand" them Young Kings!


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