The struggle in Palestine

Tiny - Posted on 16 November 2015

Rommie Whittaker

The current struggle between Israel and Palestine has been going on since 1897, close to 70 years before Israel was established or even recognized as a nation. Since early this summer nearly 70 Palestinians have been murdered in cold blood by the Israeli occupiers. 40 of them allegedly were carried out in the attempt to thwart Palestinians from committing violence against Israelis. In comparison a mere 10 Israelis have been allegedly killed by Palestinians in knife attacks and other acts of violence.

Israel has repeatedly broken promises of returning land to Palestine that was commandeered by Zionist "settlers" as well as broken promises to prevent such settlements in the future. Recently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the outlandish claim that the extermination of Jews by the Nazis was the soul idea of Palestinians at the time, when in fact it is a well documented and historical fact that Hitler got the idea for death camps from the U.S. treatment of American Indians.

Several cities in Italy have posted supportive messages towards Palestinians on public transportation. Also a group of British writers and artist have begun to petition to free Palestine. All is still not well in all of Europe unfortunately France has made it a criminal offence to speak out against the Israeli occupation.  Of course United snakkkes president Barack Obama continues to pussyfooting foot around in the same way he did last year during the horrific massacre and bombing campaign Israel waged against Palestine on the one hand pretending to admonish Israel for these actions and granting them $100 million to continue to do the same.


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