Gun Control and Crocodile Tears

Tiny - Posted on 24 January 2016

Rommie Whittaker

Recently Barack Obama sign new gun control laws by way of executive order and on the surface it would appear that much of it is good but as we peer beneath the surface we begin to uncover the facade.

During his speech to uncover these changes he began to cry supposedly for the children killed in the Sandy hook elementary school slayings.

Those of us in the struggle know they are no more than crocodile tears.

Where are his tears for Palestinian and other children killed and maimed by US manufactured weapons and assistance?

He also claimed his new bill would also help prevent gun violence in the inner cities by expanding back ground checks andlicensing by and for gun dealers , but unfortunately whenever new gun control legislation is introduced local and state governments tend to write harsher laws penalizing thoughts arrested with illegal guns.

The real problem with such measures is the vast majority of mass killers get their guns by legal means and will continue to do so.

Part of the new measures would make it more difficult for those with a prior arrest record to purchase guns, when most mass shooters don't have any.

The new measures also will allocate$900 million for mental health services. The vast majority of mass shooters are white males and use the insanity plea as their defense when most either don't fit the legal definition of insane or have every intention of carry out their killing sprees can generally afford mental health treatment and would not seek it anyway because they another reason for killing other than being mentally ill.

Obama's new gun laws are nothing new the mass shootings will continue and the new laws will have the greatest impact on poor people especially those of color who generally carry illegal weapons because they are cheaper easier to access they live in a war zone and are chiefly used for self defense.

The impact on their lives will be higher incarceration rates and more deadly encounters with law enforcement.


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