WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016 UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection 2015- 2016

Tiny - Posted on 27 January 2016

WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016
UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection
2015- 2016

Tent City WeSearch Statement Demand summary (see below for detail):
SF Mayor Ed Lie and Supervisor Scott Weiner claim they want "homeless people" to "go away" for the multi-billion dollar plantation sports event called The Superbowl. We the houseless, displaced gentrFUKed, evicted, criminalized, disabled and now living on the streets in Tents, Cardboard motels and tarps are demanding the return of thousands of dollars stolen by "sweeps" of our medicine and belongings as well as open land that we can set up our tents or build our own housing - this would be modeled after the Homefulness project - a poor people-led solution to Homelessness

Who are the POOR Magazine WeSearchers:
Data Creators/Collectors: 86 un-housed San Francisco residents dwelling in tents, sleeping bags and cardboard on Duboce, 14th st, Trainor, Cesar Chavez Freeway underpass (*Separate document includes data collectors/creators from Oakland behind Target, on 7th street railroad tracks and behind Peralta street: *Note this is a small sampling of the thousands of un-housed people residing in San Francisco
60% are women ages 24-40
30% are  Peoples of color from all 4 corners of Mama Earth
30% are men
10% trans & non-gender-conforming
60% became houseless after displacement from long-time homes and neighborhoods
80% are living with untreated psychological disabilities
70% are people living with physical disabilities

Theft of Belongings:
    •    100% of un-housed residents have experienced countless incidents of the theft of belongings by DPW/SFPD sweeps in a one year period. (see below) including but not limited to Medicine, Clothes, technology-phones, iPads, chargers, etc
    •    60% of un-housed residents experienced loss of personal effects /belongings with a value of over $2,000
    •    94% were unable to retrieve belongings from the City
    •    100% were unable to replace belongings due to poverty
-Dollar Amount of Belongings Theft from 86 people:

Sweep Documentation of 86 Participant WeSearchers:
(below includes ticketing and arrests)
January 2015 thru January 2016

January -March 2015
-24 sweeps of individuals reported on Duboce st
-22 sweeps under 101 freeway - Cesar Chavez   
-12 sweeps of south Van Ness
-23 sweeps of trainer street behind Office Max

March 2015-May 2015
-28 sweeps duboce street
-27 sweeps under 101 freeway
-8 sweeps of S Van Ness
-15 sweeps of Trainer st

May-august 2015
25 sweeps of Duboce at
23 sweeps of under 101 freeway
10 sweeps of S Van Ness
16 sweeps of Trainor

August -November 2015
46 sweeps of Duboce st
33 sweeps of 101 freeway underpass
18 harassment, arrests, seizures S Van Ness
45 sweeps of Trainor- (Tickets increased)

November 2015-January 2016
121 sweeps of Duboce
 47 sweeps, ongoing harassment, seizures of 101 underpass
45 seizures, 13 sweeps, 26 arrests of S Van Ness
52 sweeps, harassment calls, seizures and 10 arrests of trainer st

Demands of UnHoused Resident WeSearchers:
    ▪    -$109, 000 returned for loss of belongings
    ▪    -The Immediate cease and desist of all sweeps, harassment and arrest of un-housed people for the act of sleeping or sitting while homeless
    ▪    -Open and safe liberated land in Yelamu Ohlone territory (San Francisco) to set up tents and run a safe tent city or an abandoned building to build a poor people-led, indigenous people-led, self-determined housing, garden and healing project to build Homefulness - a poor & indigenous people-led solution to Homelessness. ( modeled after Homefulness in Huchuin Ohlone land (Oakland)

The WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) is a project of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE- a poor and indigenous people-led, very grassroots, art-based movement. Please credit POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE WeSearch Policy Group when re-printing



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