A. Faye Hicks

root - Posted on 28 October 2001

*A Peaceful War

*Boot Camp.....Melting Pot!

by PNN Staff

A Peaceful War

I a Sojourner

Traveling through the Sierra Mountains

Awed by Tree filled skylines

Pearly Clouds

Along the Truckee River!



The Highway of Life!

The Greyhound Bus wheels churning!

Going Bumpy Bump de Bump.


All the Passengers Relaxed, Peaceful!

Their sounds drowned out

By the Beauty of the Scenery engulfing us!

Nothing moving outside

Except a Whispery Wind

Flowing silently through the Trees

The Water of Life


The Animal Kingdom no longer roam Here!

Deer, Antelope, Beaver, Bears, Wolves

Shot down

Destroyed, by Hunters

For Profit & Pleasure

The Greedy Search for gold.

Children have Perished Here!

Consumed by Devils

Demons with a Cannibalistic Nature!

Demons with Blood-Stained Hands

Which brings out the War

From within my Nature!

Battling against an Unknown Foe.

My Gray Side

My inner Shadow is my Eternal Woe!

I am a Warrior Woman!

Running along a Treacheous River

Protecting my Innocence Soul

Battling against a Demonic Beast!

Ready to bring out the Blood-Lust in me

To Protect my Child, Like a Lioness protects her Cub

Then a Magical shield surrounds me.

Wonder Woman,

All the forces of good & evil comes to my Rescue!

Rescuing me against my invisible Foe!

Truth with my Golden Lasso.

Traders and or World Traitors and or Investors

World Bosses

Speak out on World Issues!

The Truth is being forced down the World’s Throat!

The Gold Standard!

The People are Dying and Starving World-Wide

For Profit! Stock dividend!

Riches & Pleasures over Pain, Suffering & Sorrows

Staying Power in a War Zone

Biological war-fare

Forced Child Labor

Argricutural Slavery!

Diamond Fields Wars.

Human Lives mean nothing

No Peace

For the Animal Kingdom

On land or sea.

No Peace

For humankind


On land , air, or sea!


Boot Camp....... Melting Pot!

We all the same color now! Ya hear!

The Political Bosses shout at the Top of their voices.

Radio America

Put off your homeless rags

Put on the uniforms of your Country. Dog-tag-boys.

Tear down your cardboard houses.

Get an Army tent and Marines Rations.

Rally around the Flag Boys

Where we can all be Men!

Let's win against our Mutual Enemies,

Who are trying to take away our Freedom.

Your Blood has seeped in all Wars.

From the Revolutionary war, Civil war, Viet nam,

To the fight for freedom, liberty and justice for all.

Jews, Negroes, Latinos, Whitemen & all.

Let freedom ring. Blink, Blink!

What's the Slogan!

We'll hunt 'em down in all their burrows & holes

Smoke 'em out and send them running!

You know your President has spoken, Boy.

You know the one you didn't vote for!

Or at least tried not to vote for.

Rally around the Flag Boys.

Oh, girls too. You know you got Liberated.

You can grab a gun also.

Equal Rights for all

Stars and stripes forever.

Stars on your Backs!

Stripes on your Backs!
Buy your War Bonds!

Out your Homeless Checks!

We need everybody's support.

We all the same color now.

One Nation under One God,

Freedom and equality and injustice for all.

Keep that Liberty Ball ringing.

The pentagon has been Breached!

Get your Homeless Ass down here and Register.

Like you registered to Vote.

We will give you a good address.

A burial plot wrapped in the Stars & Stripes forever.

With a medal!

A fork-tongued metal, that is.

Boot Camp America,

Hey Dude, why do you get to ride in the Cherokee Jeep.

I am closer to an Injun than you ever been,

In facto we are Blood brothers.

Hey Sarge, you know I need my Lap Top.

I want my designer "Back Pack," this thing weighs a ton.

Hey Bitch you make my bedroll neat! You were my Whore out there,

You still mine in here. I don't care how high they promote you,

Give me a back rub too and make my money.

Lt, sarge, man! My Cell phone is not working right here in Arab Country, call AT&T.

What's wrong with you, You nuts, talking about riding a Camel

I'll smoke one first, I need my Limo!

Hey SARGE, I need a little Puff (Pfuff)

This sand is "F"ing with my Hooter,

Hey this Dust is Fuckin with my Syringe.

What about my rubbers.

Hey Sarge! Where is my Woman?


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