Krip-Hop Nation Breaks Down Lyrics Series continues with George TraGiC Doman Remix Tupac Brenda Got A Baby

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 15 February 2016

Leroy Moore

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Welcome back to Krip-Hop Nation Breaks Down Lyrics Series in this issue we talk about George TraGiC Doman remake of Tupac Shakur’s 1991 song “Brenda’s Got a Baby”. This project was a collaboration between Krip-Hop Nation, Rob Da Noize Temple, music producer. We were going to make a video but it never came together.

As we know the song came from Tupac Shakur’s 1991 album, , 2Pacalypse Now. On the web it says, “The song, which features R&B singer Dave Hollister, is about a twelve-year-old girl named Brenda who lives in a ghetto, has a baby, and is incapable of supporting it. The song explores the issue of teen pregnancy and its effect on young mothers and their families. Like many of Shakur’s songs, “Brenda’s Got a Baby” draws from the plight of the impoverished. Using Brenda to represent young mothers in general, Shakur criticises the low level of support from the baby’s father, the government, and society in general. Shakur wrote the song when he read a newspaper article about a twelve-year-old girl who became pregnant from her cousin and threw the baby in a trash compactor.”

What is left out on many online write ups about the song/video is that disability plays a key role in the beginning of the song.  In the video Tupac says “… Brenda got a baby but Brenda barely got a brain damn shame, the girl can hardly spell her name……” This is the only reference to her disability in the song. We can hear the harsh political story that is with us today throughout the song.

TraGiC  and I played around with this song to bring out the disability portion throughout the song but to add Disability story in our Krip-Hop flavor. This is one of the greatest Krip-Hop collaboration.  In TraGiC’s remake he flips it to be the strength of disability.  In his song the baby, him has a disability and he grows up struggling but finds music.  You know just like Hip-Hop, Krip-Hop Nation likes to flip it with disability justice lyrics.  TraGiC talks more about his remix of Tupac’s song, Brenda Got a Baby. Also the lyrics are below along with the mp3 of the song.

Yo! This is George TraGiC Doman. You’re listening to “Brenda’s Got a Baby with CP,” a disability.

The whole reason why I wrote this song was because I know that my mom, she went through a lot when she had me. You know, I’m sure that the thought process, having a kid is not easy. So I’m sure she was very frightened at the moment. That’s why I wrote the song, but to be honest with you, I didn’t even write this song. I just went into the booth, I grabbed 2Pac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby” instrumental, and I just poured my heart out into it. Tried to give it the same time of vibe because when I heard “Brenda’s Got a Baby” when I was younger, by Tupac Shakur, it meant a lot to me. So I wanted to take that and put a different twist on it.

But the reason why, also, that I wrote it was there was an interview a while ago with Machine Gun Kelly, MGK, and Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 in New York, and they were discussing how there was this kid with cerebral palsy. And this kid walked at Machine Gun Kelly’s show because Machine Gun Kelly’s music inspired him, and that was the reason. I thought it was a–You know, I’ve met Machine Gun Kelly. I have nothing against him. But I thought it was a crock of…poop [laughs]. Or should I say shit? Because it was just like a PR stunt, you know? That kid was gonna walk regardless. I’m glad that you inspire people, but the kid was gonna walk regardless. Don’t use his strengths, that kid’s strengths, to your advantage to–what is the word I wanna use?–to capitalize and use it towards your success in music. That’s, it was just a crock of shit, basically, when I heard it.

And I remember Peter Rosenberg was saying, “Oh, well, I thought you were saying,” he was telling Machine Gun Kelly, “I thought you were saying you were the one with CP. And no one’s picked up on that story?!?” You know? Yeah. No one’s picked up on that story. You know why? Because we face discrimination every day. Even in the regular workforce, we face discrimination. As soon as I walk into a building, they might see my resume, but as soon as I walk into an interview, and they see that I walk a little bit funny, peace out. There goes the job. There goes the diploma that you worked for. There goes all the hard work you put in. There it goes. Now, I’m not making any excuses. I’m sure that one day I’ll probably land a job that fits me. One day, somebody probably will give me a shot and look past it. But our journey is a lot tougher than yours. Please respect it. That’s all I’m saying. And yeah, no one’s picked up on that story. But guess what? I am that story. “Brenda’s Got a Baby with CP” is basically about me and basically about Leroy Moore and basically about Krip-Hop Nation and us.

Pick up on our story because we got something to say.

Brenda’s Got A Baby With C.P. (Disability) MUSIC BY: ROB DANOIZE TEMPLE WRITTEN/PERFORMED BY: Georgetragic


Yea… Lets do it! What Chu Know? What Chu Know? GT Yeah!

They saying Brenda Got A Baby but Brenda Got A Baby With C.P., Cerebral Palsy. Probably wont walk right all his life! But all she could do is trust in Christ. She like please Christ! Don’t let my baby walk like this through life. Don’t let my baby talk like this through life! Let him be alright!! But I cant see the light! Ugh! My baby cant grow, my baby can’t learn, my baby wont learn, my baby won’t earn, a true pay check, a cool scholarship! Brenda go to school but she wanna quiet! Cause she feels that life isn’t fair! All she see’s is the weird stares that people give her baby (and it’s driving her craaaahzy)

Now Brenda’s baby’s getting bigger he’s learning pretty quick, he’s learning pretty quicker go figure!? Check the figures he’s a cool little kid in class. (He’s getting all the ass) Yeah! Go ahead and laugh he’s a little pimp with a limp but she never knew this that, that could be her prince. If she loves him! She never knew (she never knew) that he would reach his goals, she never knew that he would reach his dreams! He would become a politician, the Dr. would make incision, now listen, pay attention!

This baby would grow old! This baby would grow wise cause he got a cool soul, cool life, and a cool wife, and a few kids, listen to this! ( clears throat audible ) He picked up a 2pac tape wait. Now that’s where it stop’s Hip-Hop made his heart drop. And cause he learned to rhyme, and cause he learned to spit, and cause he learned lyricism (lyricist). He was so sick! He wouldn’t quite! Now Brenda’s baby with C.P. You never really knew his name it’s a shame. (::singing:: They saying Brenda’s Got A Baby, They saying Brenda’s Got A Baby…And Brenda Got A Baby With C.P.) ::song fades::



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