My Daughter Has Run Away -Plantation Prison Scholar/Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 18 February 2016

T. Yeargin

My Daughter Has Run Away

These four things; love, understanding, believing, and caring, are the glue that hold a family together.

This story is about a prodigal daughter who grows up in Saint Louis, Missouri. She is disgusted with her old fashioned parents whom she believes overreact to her when she hangs out with friends, listens to her music, and wears tight short skirts. Then one day, their daughter runs away and ends up with a pimp who tricks her to believe that he wants to help her. The man who called himself helping her is the so-called boss. Now she feels good about herself because she knows nobody is trying to make her change. She can just be herself. Now one day, the young girl gets sick and doesn’t want to work, but the boss says it doesn’t work like that with me. The young girl starts crying wanting to go home while sitting in an alley. Oh God, why did I leave home?  My dog right now eats better than me. I will try hard to call my mother and father to let them know I would like to come back home. She realizes that she should have listened to her parents all the time. Even though my parents are old-fashioned they do love  me. I was the one who took their correction the wrong way. So now I’m in the streets working hard for someone else, not even knowing what to do. I do know all the time my mother told me things not to do that I was wrong. I should have listened to her and my family. The little girl now calls home but no one answers. So later on she calls again, but no one answers. One day the little girl runs away from her boss to go home. When the girl tried to explain to her mother and father, they said, it’s alright we understand. We are just glad you are back and you are not hurt. Hush, we’ll have a party for you because we love you and care for you.

By, T. Yeargin.                                                                           


A Waste of Time

Is your life really a waste of time? If so, give me a dime, maybe I will be able to get it back! Times is wasted, because I didn’t realize the time, or just didn’t care. Now I’ve wasted my life as a young man. Some of us dropped out of high school, you never finished, but you did finish sidewalk high. Oh, you never heard of sidewalk high? Then all of you are in for a ride of your life time. I tried to sell dope and be a gangster and followed my friends, also watched TV just to see how it was done. When the TV program was over, what do I do now? Now you got some of our young sisters out there today, trying to be queen of the town, because of what they saw or what they were told. Now our young women have found out it all was a lie. Time wasting and time wasted, some of us thought school was a waste of time, now you are in prison wondering what happened. You know what happened, we all do, listening to the talk of the streets now looking at a lot of time, again, time is wasting and you can’t get it back! We all have to give it to the game we tried to play. Now time has wasted away for us. Now what do you do, and what do I say? Mother, I am sorry, you was right for the things you told me not to do! I wasted my time not listening to you.

Wasting, Wasted,

                                                           By, T. Yeargin


     Tears of the Strong

The strong said, “We are weary and heavy-hearted because no one is listening to us anymore.” I saw this as older brothers on drugs and lying to them. And this makes it hard for the rest of us to have much credibility with the youth. Most of us older people have been mistrusted by our young men and women. And they feel justified in those feelings toward us. So how do we win back their trust?

            You and I should be working on the inter-personal conflict that each of us have as men. This truth is personal for each of us. Only you know the nature of your own truth about this, as only I know the truth about mine. And before we as older people can talk to any young men here, we must look deep inside ourselves to gain insight and to admit: I know I have a problem, and my young brothers have a problem, too. Having this basic insight is where we all must begin.

            Don’t be overwhelmed by what I say. Just look at yourselves, then ask yourselves whether I’m right or wrong. The burden will be on you (to make this first step) and no one else. Have you resign ed and given up the job to change a wrong and make it right?

I created it.
You created it.


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