Concussion Review

Tiny - Posted on 23 February 2016

Kimo, Deecolonize Academy Youth Skola

I'm going to be doing a review on the movie Concussion, a movie about football and the dangers of it.

You could hate or love this guy: his name was Doctor Omalu.

Doctor Omalu had worked on autopsies to find out how people died. He would do it in a different way, He would respect the body for who they were and how they lived because he would respect the dead, not open someone up.

Then he was doing an autopsy on a player who died in the movie, Mike Webster was a football player that played for the Steelers and made it to the hall of fame. But what he didn't know-- if got tackled his head was taking severe damage. In this movie finding this out was very important because the players didn't even know about this. During the movie they are trying to find this out what is affecting the people who are playing football.

After finding the reason why Mike Webster had a died and saw that two more football players died, another autopsy was performed on both of them. They came up with the same results. It was not early Alzheimer's or tumors. Iit was something else. And trying to find this was difficult. So was telling people who loved football that you will get severe head injuries.

After telling people that you can head injuries he got so much hate and was even called out by the N.F. The N.F.L was worried about losing money, because football was America's game where veryone comes together. The family yells with joy or sadness but there was always thrills.

After three deaths this needed a name, the name was Chronic traumatic encephalopaty, After giving the biggest boogie man a name, they attacked back. They had took his job away, taking his life, taking everything he worked for away.

But after one of their best people who died and was inside with the N.F.L had died of CTE the N.F.L knew that it was true.

The reason that we had seen this movie because it was a very conscious movie on a very conscious day about Martin Luther King and last year we had seen Selma.

The most important parts of the movie were when he was always for the best of people. He knew that peoples' lives would be in danger and knew that it was wrong how people like to hide the truth. If it ruins their profit they don't win. And stillto this day people still get C.T.E. 


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