"Men and Women's Awareness Reaching Out to Young Parents"- Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 03 March 2016

T. Yeargin- Plantation Prison Scholar/Notes from the Inside

Men and Women's Awareness Reaching Out to Young Parents

I am writing this program on behalf of myself and other older men, who have benefited somewhat over the years from self-hope programs that were available. These programs gave us not only valuable insight and knowledge, but also the ability to grasp, interpret, and address issues in our lives and to become more responsible men. I felt that the best way for us to offer help to these young men was for us to seek approval to start a Young men's and Women's Awareness Group. This program would wake up some of our young people; addressing some specific issues no one knows about. We would use unscripted dialogue with our young people, to address their issues and help resolve problems. Problems we didn't know about, as opposed to using a scientific, dispassionate or a clinical approach that sometimes does not appeal to their interests. We have created a Young Men and Women's Awareness that will use "straight talk", which will help them be honest and sincere and exchange valuable information between young and older men and women. The purpose is to help them find better ways to deal with their negative behavior that has gone unchecked for so long. This eight week program will be the foundation for exchanging meaningful dialogue and using the facts to obtain a better relationship with our young men, women, and children.

Respectfully Submitted,

T. Yeargin

Program Director


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