Everything’s Political

Tiny - Posted on 15 March 2016

Poverty is politics

Racism is politics

Sexism is politics

Classism is politics

Capitalism, politics

Fuck those politics


We live in ghettos, neighborhoods where they put all the colored folks, cause everything’s political

Poverty is permanent, that’s how it’s designed, got to be careful, cause it fucks with your mind

Many get stuck sucking liquor from the liquor store, or they try to go and rob that liquor store

So white folks making big bucks from the prison and the store, everything’s political


The radio tells kids to kill their brother, disrespect their sister and mother, and never teaches them to be a father

Corporate execs, created a hip hop subset, called trap music, telling kids to carry techs, pop pills and flip bricks, for a little bit of cheese

With out telling them that the guns, drugs and tracks all coming from the place, racists, who want to put us in a social basement

Everything political


As a kid I grew up in a single bedroom, with my whole family, parents paying rent, that’s life in the hood

Solitary confinement for me, parents didn’t want me playing up in the streets, too hot, like the sweatshop where they work at

They decided to return to Aztlan in the eighties, ignorant people can’t comprehend the importance of migration, so they call em illegal and threaten us with deportation

Talking bout these goons, who up to high school, try telling me they’re cool, in their textbooks that you read in public school

Like a fool fell for it, cause on TV all you see is fucking myths telling you believe that bull, that will make you brain rot and stop having thoughts

Happens a lot in the hood, where there are no books, and on top of that nobody reads, but everybody watches TV

Everything’s political


In Carver middle school no one talked about what college they going too, they already want to go pro, trying to impress the scouts, hoping they get drafted to join the local gang

That’s all they seen since they were two, family in it too, or not around to tell em not to

Token teacher a sell out, lying to the kids, creating a reality by saying they’re nothing

The kids take it seriously and out of anxiety to prove the teacher wrong, they join a crew

Happens everyday in LAUSD classrooms, multiplied by all the shitty districts on earth

Those who weren’t part of that were still around that, cause no one cares about school, no studying just surviving, since it reflects a mini prison

In Santee high nothing seem to change, shit just kept on getting strange, teachers meaner, and the students demeanor, that of a prisoner

One trying to get off by doing good behavior or one doing life, but nonetheless a prisoner

Slaves getting trained to do modern day servitude, wheatear you drop out of school or graduate

Chances are your fate is minimum wage, or no pay in the pen where they work you like an animal

Everything’s political


Many buy the lies they spread in society; swag, class, and that so they stay stuck on a fake dream

Suddenly when you try replicate all you see on the screens, you get angry because it aint happening

Then take it out on everybody without realizing the impossibility of what you’re trying to complete

Fantasy is something that can’t be in reality, your just wasting energy instead of helping family

That was me

What a fallacy, that damages the vision of your most important eye, making the maze, the ghetto is, harder to escape

I escaped, momentarily, barely, I believe, because I had both parents backing me, not saying they were perfect, but they believed in me

First year in university I was so sick, was still a prisoner inside my head, blamed myself for the systematic inequalities I lived

Without even knowing what that means, or that, that was and is my reality, a brown working class man in this society

Second year, had my awakening, dropping econ for poli sci, picking up chicana studies, and a black studies class

Actually began to read, and started to see, clearly with the eye inside my mind Malcolm, Bobby, Huey and Gloria all spoke to me

Political theories and philosophies helped me understand the situation, and see how those in power crate them through manipulation

So now I know, that everything is political


Be political but don’t fall for the system, inspect everything with your mind, and you decided what’s right

If we realize they depend on us, prey on us to keep their empires alive, then we can save lives

Don’t believe all lies they show on social media, TV, Radio, and the movies, that‘s how they trick and deceive

The system don’t care about us, matter of fact, they have fuck shit up for us, for them to have their crap

To create this country, they stole our land, to make all their money, they made us slave, and to maintain order, they send us to war

How is it possible? Well everything’s political, and they control the corrupt political system

It’s all rigged, that what we got to see, but the systems got you tapped and you cant react

But just look at what’s happing around the world, freedom means bomb, peace means missiles, love means borders, and aid, is racism

Everything is backwards and many believe it, that’s because they don’t know, how everything is political

When you rearrange your focus and long term goals, anything is possible, even freedom for the hoods

Yeah you heard right, if you disagree with that, you’re upholding the right and their system, fuck that and them


This my politic, since everything political


Take care and love those around you the most, because they’re your people, they define you

They created you, so be careful what you do, love yourself, why would you hurt them and yourself

Love people unconditional, think critical, and see reality for what it is, how everyone’s is suffering for the greed of their politic

Most importantly do everything for your communities; solidarity is key, that’s how we’ll be free


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