Da Klan Trumps us and Assata Shakur is in trouble

Tiny - Posted on 29 March 2016

Queennandi X

“Republiklan Presidential Klandidate” Donald Trump’s views on such deeds as building great walls, kicking out all “immigrants”, muslims and other elements that don’t fit into the UWO (Upgraded World Order) of wite (non) supremacy has invoked the true spirit of this colonized, racist, stolen country.  Repeated nightmares of necks snapping like #2 pencils under the hateful noose of wites haunt me as I uneasily watch Trumps’s tirade to sway his supporters to bring “picnics” back to whomever he sees fit (in particular, people of color and muslims). Blacks and wites, possible “John Brown” endorsers are being attacked at Kla- oops,Trump rallies with no consequences to the parties involved but instead, legal support.


The false-superior feelings of racist wites towards “We, who are darker than blue” has always been the same. We’re looked upon as so-called slaves who were stolen and brought here not out of love, but for profit and destruction. We WERE NOT suppose to rise no higher than being 3rd class citizens and servants to be used for chattel breeding and horrendous medical experimentations. Now, in 2016 we still have to plead to the world (and in some cases, each other!) that “Black Lives Matter” to a racist US system who has been historically known to lynch any person darker than blue who dared to speak out against the mistreatment of his/her people.


The fact that Donald Trump is allowed to push his agenda on the world with impunity terrorizes me as a “slitizen” (so-called slave/stolen citizen) and as a Black Woman. I see Jim Crow again along with Jerry Crack. I see my brown comrades continue to be stamped with the term “Illegal Immigrants” by Illegal Immigrants who has the same fate for us all in mind. Trump’s attitude and arrogance further fueled my hunch that the Ku Klux Klan has never “died off”. They (the klan) either traded in their uniforms for “politically correct” ones, like Trump, or hid low in a fake slumber waiting for someone like Don to lead the way and get the “good o’l boys” platform back on track.


Coincidentally, this comes at the same time Amerika is pushing propaganda to convince us here how important it is to mend “our” relationship with Cuba….OR….. Is it to get their hands on Assata Shakur???


Assata Shakur, a Sistuh Souljah and a courageous soul who stood up against the prejudices and crimes committed on her people here has been in exile in Cuba for decades. Assata survived an assassination attempt when she, along with other oppressor-fighting comrades were ambushed on the New Jersey turnpike.She survived incarceration by the US for the death of a New York state trooper during that ambush (who, according to ballistics, was killed by a bullet from his fellow officer’s service revolver).


As the “US moves to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and loosen the five-decade trade embargo, which has “the potential to end a legacy of mistrust in our hemisphere” and has “added up” to new hope for the future in Cuba,” as President Barack Obama was quoted saying on tuesday night’s address, and it makes me wonder if our prez is the posterboy for the “catch 22” hidden agenda of the 1 million-dollar bounty on our dear Sister Shakur’s head? Does this “New Hope for Cuba” refer to if Cuba cooperates with the US when the subject of Assata comes up? According to “Dummy Dara” Sarah Palin, resistance against racism is considered “punk ass thuggery.”  I say resist on- and stay in Peopleskool because there is a no-good hidden agenda brewing up and the so-called black supporters of Donald Trump do absolutely nothing to put my mind at ease. Instead they reminded me that “slavemasters” had “employees” too.


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