root - Posted on 29 October 2001

Peace inside the war

by PNN Staff

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ahhhh! pop,pop,pop. HELP! HELP!

Mad terror, all over the world.

FEAR in our cities,

Kaos in our homes,

Buildings that once stood tall,

are now just rubble.

People dying, People crying.

Gunshots, Bombing, screaming, fighting, wanting this nightmare to be over!

Digging through the rubble to find my sisters and brothers!

Feeling the dusty, polluted, grimy air go through my body.

No more tastes of happiness, I can just taste sadness.

Praying that this terror will end soon, before I am the next victim under the rubble waitng to found.

warm ivory marble walls,

yellow rose curtains,

clear splashing water,

the smell of strawberry fields,

sounds of waves moving back and forth,

cool relaxing water running through my hands,

breathing in, breathing out,

an end to my sorrows.


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