The Panama Papers-A PNN Youth Skola report (Decolonewz sElection Issue)

Tiny - Posted on 26 April 2016

Kimo, Deecolonize Academy Youth Skola

The Panama papers was when wealth hoarding scammers who look after themselves had been paying their taxes in Panama instead of America because in Panama taxes are less. Reporters have been researching this for a whole year while people had no idea what was going on and that's probably why people in America and in other places have more money over the normal people.

At this time right now people in power are freaking out about the Panama papers because wouldn't you be mad if people were making a lot of money and not helping the people out, and also consonantly taking the land around and making money off of you and you don't get a cut? I would be mad also. Take Donald Trump. He probably has his taxes in Panama because he has been bankrupt I wonder how he still gets money.

As a local journalist who reports more around my area, I'm wondering if the people they reported on are trying to deny. And of course if I was the person being accused of not paying most of my taxes I would be in denial myself. But what I feel about this is the time and effort goes into these things to report on it is not the hardest thing to report on. Its the hardest thing to find what your trying to look for.


Image: the writer portraying Donald Trump, a hoarding scammer


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