(President Obama) Free Leonard Peltier- a PNN Youth Skola Report (Deecolonewz sElection Issue)

Tiny - Posted on 26 April 2016

Mario Vega, PNN Youth Skolar

Leonard Peltier born on september 12, 1944 In North Dakota, U.S. He was part of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Not only was he part of the AIM, but he was a leader. Leonard was arrested in 1977. He was blamed for “murdering two FBI agents”; witnesses say Leonard did not shoot them. But more than 60 members of the American Indian Movement were murdered. The reason why this conflict started was because of a 1975 argument about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In the court three teenaged native witnesses testified against Leonard. They all said that the FBI forced them to testified. But still not one of the witnesses identified Leonard as the shooter.

Since the day Leonard was arrested in 1977, he has spent already about 29 years in prison. Currently Leonard has been suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions. Leonard also has received several human rights awards for his good deeds behind bars, which include an annual gift drive for children of Pine Ridge, fundraisers for battered women’s shelter, and donating his paintings to native american recovery programs.

People who feel that Leonard Peltier should be free from jail should write stories about him that show him not being a bad man, but showing that he is a good man and was falsely accused. The stories should try to be posted on a news source and shared with people. Another thing is people can try to call (202-456-1111) or email (President@whitehouse.gov) the white house. People can also post pictures of Leonard saying “Free Leonard” on social media and try to make it viral so that the president will hear about it.


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