Black, Brown, 1st Nations & Poor Mothers Cry Out for Justice for Today's Murder in the Bayview, the un-arming of the police and the Resignation of Mayor Lee

Tiny - Posted on 19 May 2016

POOR Magazine staff

Black, Brown, 1st Nations & Poor Mothers Cry Out for Justice for Today's Murder in the Bayview, the un-arming of the police and the Resignation of Mayor Lee


Press Advisory:

On the eve of the 2nd stop in the National Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Reparations, Redstribution and Decolonization Tour (launched to stop the ongoing forced poverty and racial and economic inequity in the US) the San Francisco Police Department has murdered yet another un-armed, low-income person of color. The 27 year old African-American woman was allegedly pregnant and under extreme stress when the police shot her.Despite a hunger strike and a nation-wide call for the firing of the San Francisco Chief of Police it took this murder to force his firing, which is why poor, houseless and mothers of color are publicly demanding the un-arming of this paid military force called the police and refuse to accept the murder of another child, mother or father.


I am saddened that the life blood of a young woman and her baby had to be the deciding factor to make this change. I pray for her family and all of us as we move forward in mourning to make a better way, said Corrina Gould, Ohlone warrior woman and co-founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust
"We as low-income, 1st Nations and mothers of color call out for justice for another mamas child, another young person of color and another woman, killed by an armed and dangerous government agency, sanctiioned to kill. We demand the un-arming of these paid killers (police), reparations to the families that lost their children, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers and the recalling of Mayor Ed Lee who allowed this to happen over and over again," said Lisa "tiny" Gray-Garcia, co-founder of POOR Magazine and Homefulness, a poor people-led solution to homelessness.

"It's unconscionable that someone's life had to be lost I'm order for Chief Suhr to be fired. All and any law enforcement who use a 'shoot first' ideology needs to be held fully accountable," said Vivian Thorp, low-income, formerly houseless xicana mama of three children, staff writer and poet at POOR Magazine and co-leader at Homefulness, a poor people-led solution to homelessness.

"The Police are the ancient and modern day slave-catchers, this is one of the many reasons we are demanding reparations for our people, our children and our elders in the stolen land tour across Amerikkka," aid Queenandi XSheba, mother, poet and writer with POOR Magazine.
"As mothers who birth, raise and care for our future, we refuse to accept the ongoing staus quo of killing , mourning and begging the people in power to make change happen, we demand the paid government agents and occupying armies known as police, hired to protect the wealth-hoarders and land-stealers, are hereby un-armed, so they can no longer continue to murder our children," concluded Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia

All the mothers quoted here represent a small slice of thousands of mothers refusing to accept the murder of our children by police, These mothers are all available for comment and will be taking part in tomorrow's Stolen Land Tour in Oakland, which starts at Trestle Glen and Lakeshore Avenues at 1pm


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