If Walls Could Talk??? vs. Our Walls Can Talk!!! - Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 23 May 2016

Yafeu Iyapo- Plantation Prison Scholars

The Poor Magazine Family Visual Artist Mutual Support Networks, and the Art of Resistance Movement Presents:

In the Spirit of Proverbs 29:18

The Visual Secret Powers of Grassroots Activism.

Our Mission: From 1975-1989, in general. And from 1989-2016, particular. There were- and still are- thousands of still captive Blacks, Browns, whites, and other poor people of color, whom have been maliciously reduced to the mental bondage/and economic neo-slavery of Ralph Waldo Ellison’s “The Invisible Man”. But thankfully, a chosen few of our captive men folks began to realize “If we are willing to make a good faith efforts to further self-develop our personal and collective skills as still captive artists, writers, and critical tinkers, we can begin to utilize the below working title…

“If walls could talk???


Our walls Can Talk!!!

As a whole new framework of grassroots activism, that is greatly needed to better educate our activist communities on both sides of the genocidal prison walls. As such, we hereby invite the multi-million numbers of our most freedom loving men, women, youths, and other Indy Media activists to please visit the poor magazine family, either you can seek to contribute to our Grassroots Mutual Support Network of (a). new educational self-help training programs, (b). economic self-employment training programs, and (c) a self-regenerating system of economic self-empowerment goals on both sides of these prions walls.


The Poor Magazine Family


Contact: Yafeu Iyapo-I

S/N L. Alexander, B-72288

Cell: A2-118, Po Box 7500

Crescent City, CA 95532


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