Leroy F. Moore, Jr.

root - Posted on 29 October 2001

*Disabled World Nation

*Peace/ War

*Do Unto Others

by PNN Staff

Disabled World Nation

War, torture, poverty, pollution

Increasing disabled population

No rehabilitation, no medication, no education

The poorest of the poor

Government don’t needs you anymore

War torn countries

Creates lack of mobility

Limbs blown to pieces

Can’t miss a non-moving target

Don’t you get it

We’re becoming a Disabled World Nation

Police brutality & government sanctions

Are the womb of this creation

Got raped & impregnated with greed & corruption

Passed down policies & charities

So people can make money

Off disability n poverty

The majority of Disabled World Nation

Are in third world countries

Where disabled children die before they’re twenty

Millions are starving

And many more are hungry

In war and peace time

While the United Nation

Celebrates Disability Awareness

Many become disabled cause of the UN’s actions

Missiles & chemical warfare

No health care or welfare

The only occupation is begging

Force to relie on your enemies

To bring economic stability

Foreign laws, theories & therapy

Invading Third World countries

The Disabled World Nation

Has the numbers

But lacks political & economic power

Different country but same story

Walking on land mines

War, disables the body, soul and mind

No vaccine for common illness

Police shooting people with mental illness

All die because of a lack of humanity

Children playing in the rubble

Stepping on their parents dead bodies

Have to deal with war, poverty & disability with no family

Developed & undeveloped countries have many things in common

Under the Disabled World Nation

Institutionalizing, segregation, malnutrition

Misrepresentation & pity

Molded, formed & displayed by the media

Gifts and donations

Don’t trickle down to the needy

We aren’t even in control in our own organizations

Who will break this cycle

Nothing About Us Without Us

Slogan held up high by disabled South Africans

But their voices are buried by day-to-day struggles

Who will take a stand against war

On a disabled platform

Radicals and revolutionaries go against the norm

Leaders of the Disabled World Nation are lukewarm

Barbara Lee created a healthy and vibrant tornado

The Disabled World Nation is cradle in the eye of her storm

Her vote is dressing for the casualties and wounded

While the stripes and stars are internally inbred on foreign lands

A virus corrupting the souls and cultural norms

Creating a society with a stomach full of worms

The Disabled World Nation scattering for food droppings

Treated worst than animals

Exploiting their disabilities so they can eat

Crawling on their hands and knees

Cause technology is not even a dream

Living on a different type of plantation

In which the government, sometimes your parents,

And yes, our own organizations are the Masters

I can go on but this is getting depressing

It’s time to stop the growth of the Disabled World Nation

No war would subtract a huge part of the equation

That fuels the Disabled World Nation



"Georgia Georgia on my mind Just an old song"

Bouncing off cream plaster walls

Yellow beamin through

Toasting my skin

Po,po,pop sizzling bacon

On a hot greasy skillet

Sidewalks in ovens

Beneath the humid city


Pop, pop sizzling bacon

Turns into boom, boom bombs

Interupt Ray Charles

Late breaking news

Sunday church colors

Turns to White, White, White

White reporters

White Congresspersons

Want my Black, Brown & Yellow

Brothers & sisters

Crips on sidewalks

Protecting the hood from Uncle Sam

Snatching our youth

For his dirty deeds

Like a boomerang

It comes back to hit you

Unannouce and no warning

Force to stand behind the man

Presenting an united force



Decades of internal bleeding

The US has been force feeding

Imperialist ideals and apple pie overseas

Closed our borders

Following Uncle Sam’s orders

On foreign lands

Thinking we’re almighty

Don’t need to listen

No need for elections

Like an egg

The Red White & Blue

Has been cracked open

Smelling the rotten yolk

That lies inside

Window dressing is not a scab

There is no band-aid

Big enough to hide

Our self-inflicted wounds

An external force

Have penetrated

US’s utopian shield

Revealing the stench and blood

We can’t and wont learn

Like the Crips and Bloods, US looking for revenge

Protecting our turf

Trading in justice for

An eye for an eye

The Twin Towers

Holding economic power

While people stand on each others' shoulders

Trying to escape the jaws of poverty

All come tumbling down

Next to the Statue of Liberty

September eleventh

The US woke up

With no utopian makeup

Stars & Stripes

Have returned home

To find terror in its own suitcase


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