Minimum Wage

Tiny - Posted on 24 May 2016

Mario Vega, PNN Youth Skolar

Thursday April 14, 2016 at the City Council of Oakland, POOR Magazine and I attended a protest  that was for the minimum wage to be raised to $15.00. There was a lot of people who came out to support this important event. This was people in community that got together. It didn't matter what color you were or what you consider yourself. Because they all had a similar problems. That is, minimum wage is too low to live out of. We also had the chance to interview minimum wage workers. In response we received really strong answers about why they felt minimum wage should be raised to be $15 and what hurts them by the current minimum wage.


“Is it possible to survive with the minimum wage?" I asked one of the workers from the SEIU union at the fight for $15 rally. He said, “No it is not enough because the minimum wage is too low.” The minimum wage statewide is $10.00.


“Have you had more than one job because you didn't have enough for your economic needs?” They said yes, they have"had to work 2 or even 3 jobs" because hedidn't have enough for food or rent.


“Have you ever experienced wage theft? If so.. can you explain how was your experience?" They answered yes, they have experienced wage theft. They worked for a company on a holiday and they would clock in the time they would start and the time they would end.But for some reason either the clock or the manager would do something that would show that he didn't do the hours and they never gave him his paycheck when he worked for the holiday..


“Do you think minimum wage should be raised to $15 in 2022 or should it be raised immediately?" He said, “The minimum wage shouldn’t be raised immediately even though it may be good." The reason why they said no is because they feel like if we raised it immediately it would affect us economically by rent going even higher than what it is now and also Food, Clothes, Gas. Etc... "Because every year we have raised the minimum wage our sources we need to survive have also increased in price”.


In conclusion minimum wage workers had an important event. People got together because of a similar problem that the current minimum wage is not enough for them. They feel like the minimum wage should go up to $15 because it will help small companies and will create more jobs but the minimum wage should not be rushed, it should go up slowly so we would not suffer by other economic cost like rent, bills, clothes, food ect.


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