Bring Back Esker-D

Tiny - Posted on 21 June 2016

About a year and a half ago I lost the best healthcare provider I ever had in my life [The creator notwithstanding!]

She not only provided me with everything necessary that she could for my well being , she actually listened to me and gave me feed back if I asked for it.

She always formed her advise like a suggestion and asked me if  would be willing to try something without making demands.

I always felt loved and cared for under her care.

Boy have things changed!

Her first replacement was a hipster who claimed she was the only M.D. on the staff at what was then Glide health services and is now Tenderloin healthcare services.

She along with an in-house pharmacist tried to convince me to take prescriptions which I still refuse to take.

The Pharmacist recommended that I stop using marijuana as medicine because according to him it is a central nervous system depressant [hahaha!]

I finally got fed up and asked for a new Dr. She also claimed she was the only M.D. on staff.

We fought tooth and nail even filed a grievance. And when she finally saw how hard I was working by way of lab results we finally got on good speaking terms with one and other So of course, she got fired as well.

The new one is apparently another hipster doesn’t even have any letters next to her name so I’m doubtful if she is even a nurse [which is not necessarily a bad thing because Esker -D is in fact a nurse practitioner and more than qualified to hold the position she once held. Even Dr. # 2 confided in me that if Esker-D came back, patients would be lining up to have as a healthcare provider.

But getting back to Dr. (?) #3

She is very demanding and seems to be more interested in getting me to do things to make herself look good rather than respectful of my desires and being supportive even if she doesn’t agree with my approach. Tenderloin Health services has all but white washed almost the entire staff. An office that was once flowing with people of African and Pacific Island descent have almost been completely replaced by young white hipster types.

Who needs that ? Bring back Esker -D!


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