Prince, Hollywood and the walk of fame

Tiny - Posted on 18 July 2016

Rommie Whittaker

In April I came into a little money so I decided I would treat myself to a much needed vacation.

I booked a flight for the 19th to LA thinking I would try my hand at street performance and it just happened to be the day before the big marijuana celebration of 4/20.

I booked a hotel for the first night in Inglewood, planning on going to stay in Hollywood after getting a good night's rest. Suddenly the focus of my trip changed because I, like so many others, got the news that Prince, one of the greatest entertainers in history, had passed.

At first I thought it was a cruel joke but confirmed it after checking several news sources.

I also found out that he didn't have a star on the walk of fame so I decided to investigate further and and see if there was anyway of getting him one.

I contacted Ana Martinez of the Hollywood chamber of commerce, the person who oversees the ceremonies of placing stars on the walk of fame, to see what could be done.

She told me there were many petitions that had been gathered but unfortunately they would not help because one person is nominated a year posthumously and it still takes 5 years for the star to be placed, and it was up to the family to nominate him.

Prince was special because he donated millions of dollars to causes and people less fortunate than him.

That interview was recorded and will be featured in a live radio broadcast sometime in the near future.

I continued my visit in  in Hollywood  with a heavier heart than I had when I started.

I was able to stay a lot cheaper by going to a thrift store, purchasing a crocpot

And cooking omelets by mixing eggs in a plastic bag with cheese and vegetables

And cooking them in a microwave for 3 minutes. 

I also ate salads that I put together. Most of my cooking utensils I got from dollar stores, as well as seasonings and other ingredients.

If I had dined in restaurants every day I would have been broke in less than a week. I was able to stay 2 weeks and still had a few bucks when I got back home.


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