THC and the city

Tiny - Posted on 18 July 2016

Sometime last year THC (Tenderloin Housing Clinic) started housing homeless people in privately owned hotels by subletting rooms in them through the navigation center.

Obviously most of these clients had some situation that landed on the street. Anything from lack of finances to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

One such client became my neighbor in the SRO I reside in and had an obvious mental health issue as he would have loud repetitive conversations with folks that nobody else would see.

He would do this throughout the course of the day and through all hours of the night, something he apparently couldn't help.

Often I could even hear him a block away on the on his way home.

This occurred for about a month and apparently some of my other neighbors complained because not one but 2 case managers showed up one day to tell him that he would have to give up his housing if he couldn't control his behavior.

They had to know this about him when they took him on as a client. This is a blatant disregard for his right under provisions of the ADA (Americans with disabilities Act), a federal law that prevents discrimination on the basis of disabilities.

Another neighborhood who has been here longer and has assualted several people in the building and is just as loud but is not apart of THC program apparently hasn't been spoken to by anybody this is of course tremendously unfair.

This is extreme hypocrisy on the part of THC who claim to be able to help their clients through their Master Lease program which is nothing more than a demerit system run by their staff and is applied much like Napoleonic law in Louisiana. In that they can write people up pretty much for anything that suits their fancy and if the client doesn't complain it sticks.

Apparently in this new program a write-up isn't even necessary, just a complaint.

Sadly one morning a gentleman who resembled my neighbor and claimed to be his dad came calling on him.

The door was never answered and I haven't seen him since.


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