Autistic Teenagers & Young Adults In Hotter Than July: Police Brutality

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 27 July 2016

Leroy Moore

Stevie Wonder’s title of his September 28th, 1980 album, Hotter Than July can describe what teenagers & young adults with autism are feeling this year. Although we celebrated the 26th birthday of the Americans with Disabilities Act; it’s been very hot for teens & young adults with autism in cities all over the US not because of the Summer sun but because of police shootings/brutality from Miami, FL to Chicago, ILL to San Francisco & Burbank, CA against them. From taser to robots to bomb squad to bean bag bullets to real bullets were all used against autistic young teens and adults by police this Summer especially July/2016.


July 15th A local Latino family was outraged cause the officer pulled Tawnya Nevarez over because her son, whom the family does not want to name, wasn't wearing a seat belt. Police said he became agitated during the stop, and his mother told the officer he was autistic. It ended with the teen being tasered and sent to the hospital.


July 18th The police union of North Miami police department said that the officer was aiming for 26 year old Arnaldo Rio autistic Black/Native young man who was sitting on the ground next to his caregiver/therapist, Charles Kinsey, a Black man who was “accidentially was shot in the leg. It started by somone calling the police because they though Rio was carrying a gun. The gun was a toy truck and after Kinsey shouted to the cops that the yong man has autism and he had aa toy truck in his had the police still tried to shoot Rio but got Kinsey in the leg. The handcuffed both men and had Rio in the police car for four hours.


July 26th San Francisco Police officers ended a 16 hours standoff with a 13 year old autistic boy who was in a family’s garage with a knife. The police called in the bomb squad, sent in robots and shot beanbag rounds into the 13 year-old boy. The boy was taken to the hospital to treatment for the beanbag shots he endoured by police.


These are only the well populize incidents that you can easily googgle that happened all in July 2016. All of these horrible cases have started up the same machine controlled by mainstream institutions like police unions to corporate media that spits out to the media, legal field, families, victims, activists and the general public the story of police and the cycle that victims, lawyers & activists should follow & shape what justice would look like.


 First, message is to try to blame the autistic person and their families, secondly, in these cases above is to convince the general public that police reforms are working because all three autistic young teens and adults are still alive and thirdly to lay out the same path to “justice” through the courts with state attorneys who many times are stacked against the victims and families and was well reported in many cities that the close relationships between state attorneys and police is seen as a blockage to real justice to police brutality victims and their families.  lastly if families are awarrded a settlement then the focus is one hundred shifted to more police training even though the cities above already have training before the shootings/abuse.  To make it seems that US Federal Government cares the Department of Justice, D.O.J will have community hearings like they did this Summer in San Francisco anad Chicago to do what?  To do a report and give it to our president while locally police abuse/shootings continues.


As we end July of 2016, can we pour some cold water on police departments to cool off what Stevie Wonder calls Hotter Than July and at the same time come up with community solutions so parents, neighbors and others don't need to call police.  Here are some Bay area alternative of not calling the police.


- Homefullness/Poor Magazine No Police Calls ever/National Call for a State Of Emergency/Moratorium on all PoLice Use of Force link


- Critical Resis- tance of Oakland new project the Oakland Power Projects (OPP). From their website it says, “The Oakland Power Projects build the capacity for Oakland residents to reject police and policing as the default response to harm and to highlight or create alternatives that actually work by identifying current harms, amplifying existing resources, and developing new practices that do not rely on policing solutions. It goes on to say organized into short, medium and long-term steps, the Oakland Power Projects work to make our families and neighborhoods stable and healthy without relying on the cops. CR members spent the last year talking with allies, friends, neighbors, and community members.” More info at their website



Arnaldo Rios‬ in a blue shirt with a toy truck in his hands.


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