My ovary???

Tiny - Posted on 04 August 2016

Norma Quijas

“The fibroid shrunk one centimeter,” my gynecologist said. I stopped at Clinica de la Raza, because I had an appointment that day for a follow up on an ultrasound that was performed prior to my surgery. My gynecologist told me I had a cyst in my left ovary, we just don’t know where or what size.

“We might have to remove it.” The news felt like a bombshell. The gynecologist sounded like he was 15 million miles away. My mind set to pause…My ovary??? My feminist side??? The last and only ovary I have.

I felt an ocean of raging waters through my head. I went back to the Clinica to make sure the last thing I did was ask for some kind of medical records. I felt like I was pregnant and having twins the size and length of the above.

The people who work at the Clinica think that because I don’t have a degree I won’t do my research. After all I did not have time since my surgery was coming up. It felt urgent like cruising in an ambulance every random day.

Yet I am totally satisfied with my surgery – I am already feeling the difference. Thank you for reading this. 


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