Advocates for 100 year old Black San Franciscan Charges Landlord with Elder Abuse

Tiny - Posted on 12 August 2016

In the name of 100 year old, lifelong Fillmore resident Iris Canada, who has suffered financial, emotional and physical abuse under California elder abuse law from her landlord, who has been continually harassing her with eviction attempts since early March 2016, a group of advocates will be demanding that the District Attorney, George Gascon press charges of elder abuse under penal code 368.

This demand to the DA follows yet another attempt by the landlord to evict in court today, BlackAugust 10th when the attorney for landlords Peter Owens, Carolyn Radische and Stephen Owens brought yet another filing, notwithstanding the fact that a powerful group of advocates and community showed up to support and resist yet another attempt to evict a 100 year old Black elder from the increasingly white and rich San Francisco, the judge allowed todays appeal to go through putting Iris in the dangerous position of being homeless in her lifelong home,

Iris, a beautiful and strong grandmother, auntie and lifelong resident of the Fillmore has been fighting an eviction since early March. Though the court granted her a relief from forfeiture, allowing her to stay despite the eviction, it also granted the owner’s legal and other fees of $164,000. Ms. Canada’s attorney, Dennis Zaragoza, has filed an appeal because he believes the court had no right to impose the fees.

Friday's visit to the DA follows a 2014 series of cases brought by disabled, evicted and displaced elders, family and youth leaders from POOR Magazine, Krip Hop Nation, the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, Idirss Stelley Foundation and Manilatown Heritage Foundation and many more advocates in San Francisco that were never followed up by the District attorney, who consistently rules and acts in favor of the rich and powerful in San Francisco

This action is organized by homeless, displaced, disabled and formerly unhoused youth, adults and elders from Krip Hop Nation, POOR Magazine and (inbox us if you want to sign on)


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