Why Two Frida's? / Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 22 August 2016

Jose H. Villarreal, Plantation Prison Correspondent

Editors Note: Jose H. Villarreal is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.

Composition is a very important part of an artpiece. For the artist the whole point in one creating art is to highlight the beauty in something or call attention to something that the artist feels is important. The use of composition does this.

The term “composition” is mostly used to define a two dimensional art piece. “Deising” is used to describe a three dimensional art piece.

In her piece “The Two Fridas”, Frida Kahlo creates two figures of herself in the center of the page. Here she creates symmetrical balance with not just putting herself side by side in perfect proportion, but she also links the two figures holding hands to lend a psychological emphasis on her intent, which is her two selves are in harmony. These two selves are dressed in two cultures – colonial/ indigenous, or Mexican@.

The way in which Frida places the two figures in the center of the drawing are composed in a way that draw your eyes to the center of the painting. The fact that there is no background pictures, only clouds and sky ensure that there will be no distractions to the focused center which is the two Fridas.

Jose H. Villarreal



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