Wells Fargo Took My House the IRS is Taking Everything Else

Tiny - Posted on 23 August 2016

Four years ago I met the love of my life. As a 62 year old male bachelor/Hippie Madman, I met the love of my life.  We got hitched, I’ll just say our life together is perfect as a saltnpepper low income senior. With senior and disability problems. I am not saying we don’t debate. We do that. Quite loudly sometimes. Outside of that we get along great. As I say, she has spiced up my life.

I had to educate her about low income living after Wells Fargo kicked her out of her own house with her Service Animal Betty Bingo. As a writer for Poor and an activist all my life, I had to teach her the ropes.

Living in the most expensive City in America, our $3,000 combined income a month doesn’t go very far. With a $1,000.00 grocery bill a month (due to our weird low salt diet. Common Sense told us not to pay IRS Taxes with me getting $1,000.00 per month and her getting $2,000.00, it is not luxury living we are enjoying the rusty years with my wife from full body gout carpal tunnel, Arthritis in both ankles, hips, knees and shoulders.; sleep apnea, and so on. I have had Pancreatitis; Heart Attack; scoliosis.

Then a big surprise a few months ago in the mail from the infernal revenue service better known as the internal revenue service. For not filing taxes my wife has had a lovely surprise from these people a bill for $2,913.61 for tax year 2008.

She was a publisher of a coffee book, “Redbluff, The Way we were in the 1970s.” Her business partner, editor and photographer of the book died, and people not paying for a case of books that they bought, being both of them not savvy in the laws of publishing and dishonest business practices from the Hallmark Store in Red Bluff and the Red Bluff Daily News. For her being a new person in this field aka a neophyte and also a woman of color. She is not a stupid woman, she is very intelligent. I was brought up in the era where a person’s handshake was a big deal. Today's practices are bend over and we will give you what you want! She forgot to file the taxes. People owed her $7500.00 for book purchases and they didn’t pay. Plus costs of storing these books in Red Bluff, shipping costs from San Leandro to Red Bluff and storage.

A few years later she filed the taxes. Her accountant now went South and her records disappeared like the IRS loves to do to people of color and poor people. The Donald Trumps of this world have lawyers up their butt. So they don’t worry about tax problems. Us poor people on the other hand,  just lucky to feed ourselves are vacuumed through the cracks. They keep an eagle eye on us like we are going to bankrupt the US Economy.

As soon as she got that letter saying that she owed an xxxxx amount of $$$$$$$ she was the first one in the door the next day. The first of the three Stooges was a woman of middle European descent.  Kathy walked in the door with 2007 & 2008 filing in hand to prove that they were wrong. It was verified briefly that the taxes for 2008 were filed and paid. You are accumulating fees for not filing 2012 through 2014 you might as well file 2015 to get ahead of the game before too many fees for that tax year. Kathy explained that she didn’t have monies to go to a tax preparer. The Agent volunteered a list of nonprofits that would help me file my taxes for free. Kathy rushed home with the lists in her hands like a dog with a good soup bone. When she came home she was grinning from ear to ear. She immediately called two or three companies until she got the people she needed. The Chinese Newcomer’s Center called back and she went the next morning and met with George Chang. These people were very helpful to her.  My wife is a Pacific Islander and Cherokee Indian and no Asian that she knows of. She was treated the same as everybody else in the office. Returned home and went to the IRS the following week. Went to see another Agent that made the shit hit the fan. This Agent is the equivalent of Curly of the Three Stooges. Told her that 2008 was not in her file and this is what all the fees are for. The Agent added insult to injury by scaring her into thinking there will be big monthly payments that have to be paid. He did not do the proper paperwork when he accepted the check for $841.00. He did not accept the IRS Payment Vouchers that were given to me by The Chinese Newcomer’s Center. She came back home in tears. Talked over her problem. I cracked a joke about them, “The only difference between the IRS and a rapist is the rapist says thank you and the IRS does not.” A few days later after talking to her tax preparer, she set up a payment plan. She came home grinning from ear to ear and my wife told me I was correct in the amount.

On Saturday, August 12, 2016 the final shoe dropped when she got 5 Certified letters from the IRS stating: They intend to terminate her Installment Agreement, and that she will have to pay $3,000.00 immediately in overdue taxes. They may seize (“levy”) any State Tax Refund and apply it to the aforementioned bill.

Reporter’s Editorial:

It is about time to use a little known section of the United States Constitution. Any State that wants to resign from this Union shall just need a majority of the Legislature to vote to resign from The United States. California is in the best situation to resign. If we were a country California would be the seventh largest economy in the world. We only get back 3 cents to every dollar we give in our taxes. We have the most progressive constitution than all of the other states. It is about time that some Assemblymen or State Senators use this little known section of the United States Constitution.


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