Three Stooges Is Racist

Tiny - Posted on 26 August 2016

Poor Magazine/ Tiburcio Garcia

When I was younger (and even now) I watched the Three Stooges and other old shows. I have always loved things from the 19th Century cartoons, songs, TV shows and elders. But, I always loved the Three Stooges. But then another night I was watching Three Stooges and I realized that the show was really racist. The show made black people look stupid and said all kind of racist slurs against different cultures.


They made really racist slurs like referring to Japanese people as Japs and degrading Jewish people. But, in that time the Three Stooges was not the only racist kids television show in the 1930's. Little Rascals, a television show airing from 1922-1944 was about poor children's adventures in their neighborhood. In one of those episodes to get away form one of his friends he painted himself black to look like someone else.


What I realized about all of these cartoons and television shows is that the people who are starring the shows and even the directors of these shows realize how racist they are they just think that they are doing the right thing by following along with the modern culture. And in a way they are. Because the whole American culture back then supported racism of any kind.


Another cartoon was Looney 'Toons, a popular kids show that was on today that some of the episodes were so racist they were banned from television. The Censored Eleven, the collection of Looney 'Toons cartoons that were banned in 1968 from television were cartoons that were from 1930's to 1940's. 


The thing that really shocks me is that in all after all of these years people make the same stereotypes but less blatantly. A stereotype is what people call a sentence that assumes something about someone else's race.The media supports it too just like they did back then in the 1930s and 40's. They do subtle things like talk about all of the gang violence in the black and brown communities.


Lately one of the prime examples of racism against black people is the police killing black and brown men all over America. Micheal Brown, Oscar Grant, Freddy Gray and Idriss Stelly are just prime examples of black men being shot down by the police for doing nothing but walking down a street.


Another example of how racism back then effects the world today is all of the people back then who grew up in that racism and grew up watching those shows and saw how black people were humiliated along with Japanese people, Indian people and many other cultures. I have been doing some research and I realized that that Donald Trump grew up around that era here is I question I ask for you is that really surprising?  


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