Found By Pest Control

Tiny - Posted on 05 September 2016

We begin to take or adapt to our surrounding neighbors schedules or routines without meaning or noticing that we do.

Ant’s door opened about 7:30 am. I remember my subconscious saying we on our way to get breakfast as he normally did. We would occasionally encounter each other in the hall, I would jokingly say old speedy, he said with a big smile this is my 6th wheelchair and this one is the fastest. That’s the conversation that sticks out in my head. Then my thoughts went to recollection, like a time stamp on when was the last time I heard him.

But today, Thursday I hear of his death found. Another pest control treasure hunt found in the usual sro round up’s some dissipate with us.

Unknown eerie shadows cast the building, halls, walls, and room. Pest control uncover the draining energy of death


I sit and wait for you to discover me



To be considered human being

To matter

To coincide

Not written off as “overdose” “dope addicts” “drug phens”

From the tender lion TL’s

Casually written and stamped

Time and time again

In many brains as the only gospel truth

We are still human being


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