Eviction of Elders = Death: 100 year old Black Elder Recieves Sherriff Notice to Vacate and goes to ICU-

Tiny - Posted on 14 September 2016

Iris Canada, the 100-year-old African American woman being evicted from her Western Addition home of over 50 years, is in the hospital right now after she was served with a sheriff's notice to vacate her apartment this Wednesday.

According to her niece, Iris Merriouns, she called Peter Owens, one of her evictors, and when he didn't answer, left a message begging him not to do this to her, not to evict her. Then her heart rate accelerated and she was rushed to the emergency room.

*Editors Note -Please Act for Iris- We are asking people to send emails asking that Iris be able to stay in her home- to Peter Owens owensradisch@gmail.com theothersideofthesfstory@gmail.com and to Supervisor London.Breed@sfgov.org


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