Biased Autopsy Report of Police Murder of Un-armed, Unhoused indigenous Mayan father refuted by Family on the 6 month Anniversary of his Murder

Tiny - Posted on 15 October 2016

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Family of Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat, a Mayan, indigenous father, husband,brother, son and uncle,refute the biased autopsy report released by the San Francisco Medical Examiner on the six month anniversary of his murder by SFPD officers. They also plan a march to celebrate his life.


“It is unjust that my cousin was killed so cruelly by SFPD. The police should be here to help, not to destroy, but the greatest concern is that he was killed within less than thirty seconds. My cousin spoke Mayan. He could not understand the commands given by the officers," said Luis Poot Pat, one of Luis Demetrio's cousins who spoke in response to the San Francisco medical examiner's report on the murder by police of his unarmed, unhoused cousin Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat released on September 29th. 
On the 6th month anniversary of Luis's killing, and in response to the biased and untrue statements in the autopsy report, the family and their supporters in the Justice & Honor for Luis Góngora Pat Coalition feel it is necessary to hold a press conference to set the record straight and refute the insults about this innocent, unarmed, peaceful father, brother, husband who was unhoused and unarmed at the time of his brutal murder by police. 
Background on the Medical Examiners Report
The Office of the Medical Examiner of San Francisco released an autopsy report on September 29th related to the killing by SFPD officers on April 7th, 2016 of Luís Góngora Pat. The report confirms that Luis’s cause of death was homicide caused by multiple gunshot wounds intentionally inflicted by Sergeant Nate Steger and Officer Michael Mellone. The body showed bean bag bruises and bullet wounds to the back, followed by an execution style shot to the head with a steep downward trajectory (Luis was on the ground). They murdered him. Considering the standing practice of the Medical Examiner of maligning victims of police brutality, the Family and Coalition feel obliged to set the factual record straight and show how the autopsy report supports our claim that Luis was unlawfully and unnecessarily murdered by SFPD officers. In summary and by all eyewitness accounts, the victim never posed any threat to the officers who killed him. Police officers involved acted unlawfully by killing Luis within less than 30 seconds of their arrival. They broke protocols by leaving no time for any reasonable reaction other than panic on behalf of the victim. Officers inflicted several wounds with a bean bag weapon and shot seven bullets, which inflicted six bullet wounds. Only one of those bullets proved fatal; the downward trajectory execution shot to Luis’s head. Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat did not have to die. 

“The small amount of drugs detected in his body does not change the fact that he was shot by officers who immediately escalated the violence against Luis and shot him six times within seconds after arriving on the scene.” said Laura Guzmán a member of the Justice & Honor for Luís Góngora Pat Coalition and expert on homelessness health and policy issues in response to the report. The Medical Examiner’s report also leaves up to public speculation the meaning of trace amounts of drugs found in Luis’s body. According to an official NHTSA report[1], the amount of drugs in Luis’s system can only be considered recreational. 

Luis’s other cousin, Carlos Poot Pat, stated “The police is destroying families, when they should be helping to save lives. This is a great injustice. Luis was part of a tight family, despite the border separating him from his wife and children.” José —Luis’s brother—, added, “He was my companion and they have taken him away from me. My brother needed shelter, food, and medical care, instead of receiving assistance from the City, he was executed by the police.” 

“This autopsy report is an insult to the family, as it supports the police cover-up of a murder of an innocent indigenous Mayan father, son, brother, uncle and husband who was houseless and therefore unable to protect himself from the ongoing race and class terror perpetrated on poor people of color by police and supported by the system.” said Tiny Gray-García, a member of the Justice & Honor for Luís Góngora Pat Coalition and author of the book Criminal of Povery Growing Up Homeless in America ,

Adriana Camarena, another Coalition member pointed out that “The 2016 Report of The Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement found that reports by the Office of the Medical Examiner of San Francisco ‘did not represent truly independent conclusions.[2]’ Again, we see the Medical Examiner framing hard facts within a biased narrative of events supplied by SFPD. This office needs to be investigated for tampering with evidence and reformed alongside SFPD.”


Coalition member Flora Campoy added, "We expect D.A. Gascón to criminally charge the officers who killed Luis. The evidence is clear that this was a vile murder of an innocent man."


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