Dia de los muertos/Day of the Dead for ALL Stolen Lives

Tiny - Posted on 22 October 2016

4th Annual Day of the Dead/ Dia de los muertos for all Stolen Lives from PoLice Terror, Racism, Community Violence and Poverty at Homefulness

Join us poverty, indigenous, disability, migrante & unhoused skolaz from POOR Magazine in our Humble Honoring of ancestors and their mamas, daddys, aunties, grammaz and families at the altar for stolen lives at the landless peoples land liberation movement we call Homefulness - 

Danza Azteca from Calpulli Coatlicue familia, invocation/prayer from Xochipala Maes Valdez and Sauda Burch, media and Poetry from the Poetas POBREs/Po Poets Project and altars from youth skolaz at Deecolonize Academy

Please bring a picture, prayer or words to remember your/our stolen ancestors



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