A Week Before Boarding, Krip-Hop Nation South Africa Tour’s Update

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 26 October 2016

Although Krip-Hop Nation is excited for our upcoming South Africa Tour, November 5th-December 10th it has been a struggle as we approach our take off date of November 5th. As a disabled activist/artist living on SSI, I was blessed that Poor Magazine teamed up with Krip-Hop Nation to put up a generosity fundraiser page that raised to date $2,525.00 however generosity has dragged their feet to release the funds although Poor Magazine has followed all their request form documents. Because of this it has affect other details of the tour that the funds was going to like my travel shots that cost $350.00 and more elements that have dollar signs before I board the plan on November 5th.
Like Poor Magazine and other activists say that traveling is a priviledge that many are oppress and are systematically face with the inaccessibility of the travel industry and are economically pushed out of traveling. I recorgnize that I’m very lucky to have this opportunity and I also thankful that my community, friends and family are pushing these obstacles down to make this tour a reality.
The vision of the Krip-Hop Nation’s South Africa tour had to reshape & cut back because of a lack of sponsorships and Simon Manda of Durban, South Africa has worked over time as a major team member of the tour on what this tour will look like on the ground in South Africa from accommodations to venues to accessible ground transportation throughout the month. Although we have ran into complications, we are pushing through to make this tour happen in November through December 10th, Disability Awareness Month in South Africa. Simon has also put up a fundraiser page for people in South Africa to donate funds at South Africa Fundraiser page
As November 5th approaches, we are pulling out everything to make this tour a reality. Please support us.
Image description: Picture of a world with a Black woman and a Black man kissing a Krip-Hop Nation video box. Above are words: USA to Africa South Africa Tour Nov-December 2016. Below is a set of crutches crossing each other with a white hand displaying a sign language sign Below words saying: Brought to You By This Ability Newspaper, Simon Manda & Krip--Hop Nation


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