Top 20 List of Krip-Hop Nation’s (Musicians Only) Best Interviews with Links on Poor Magazine From the Beginning to Now

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 06 November 2016




Well it's that time again, ringing in a New Year, 2017.  This year, 2016, Krip-Hop Nation gears up for our tenth anniversary, in 2017, and we go back to the benning of this column & make up our top twenty best interviews on Krip-Hop Nation column at POOR Magazine.  It was very hard but here it is with links.


1) Elder Jazz Great Tells It Like It Is: Jimmy Scott  -

2) Bullets and wheelchairs in Hip-Hop MF Grimm –

3) Rob DA Noize and the SugarHill Gang

4) Disabled Hip-Hop Artist Runs for Senate Seat in Massachusetts Keith Jones

5) Krip-Hop Nation Interview with Deejay Kabila of South Africa

6) Real Talk About Underground Hip-Hop & Mental Health N Germany  Christian Bruckner Germany

7) Michael Buckholtz – Autism, Music & A Lot Moore

8) PETEY PETE Will Unleash "The Cripple Threat" (Listen to his brand new Krip-Hop Anthem here)

9) Painting The Dance Floor: Interview with DJ Short-e" McGuire

10) Kounterclockwise Birthed KRIPPLED BOY

11) R.E. Spect (Song)  Painting Voices  Africa, Zimbabwe

12)  Krip-Hop Nation’s Father’s Day Special: 5 Black Disabled Fathers\Musicians (Featuring Keith Jones on audio, Rob Da’ Noize Temple, Lee Williams, King Kaution and CoolV)

13) King Snyder/Bradford Baker Kicking Metal Into Krip-Hop Nation

14) Krip-Hop Nation Expands with Juako of Bogota, Colombia

15) JAKE Krip-Hopping From Madrid Spain

16) Krip Hop Nation Listens to Deaf DJ's & Deaf Jams

17) The Struggle to Become a Superstar Ronnie Ronnie,

18)  Quadriplegic Latino Hip-Hop Artist Racially Profiled by Roswell police

19)  Godfathers of Street Kids Staff Benda Bilili (3)  Africa, Congo,

20) The Blues Guide Boy Story From His Son, Josh White Jr.


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