The Cracker Colonizer "Won" but so does Interdependence, Change, Self-determination and ALL of US

Tiny - Posted on 09 November 2016

This country was stolen by hate-filled, manipulative wealth-hoarding colonizers like Trump who raped, abused, and murdered 1st peoples of this land and bought, sold, raped and killed other humans for free labor. Trump is already here. He has been here for 525 years.

The amerikkklan Sci Fi movie is real, this Trump monster is the logical progression of US white supremacy and colonization

But lest you think, armaegeddon has just arrived, please realize that the pseudo-conscious, neo-liberal, land -stealer, gentrfyers of the stolen Ohlone village of Yelamu  (San Francisco) created and approved a 21st century re-mix of 19th century "ugly Laws" aka, anti-poor anti-disabled peoples, deeply racist and classist Propositions Q & R, ensuring that us, the unhoused, disabled, trauma-filled, poorest of the poor will be more criminalized, poLice harassed, attacked and incarcerated than we already were. Trump was already here. He has been here for a long time.
Colonization has taught people from all over Mama Earth that the Trumps of the world are the ultimate example of success. People cross colonizer created borders, forced to leave everything that they are, all that they love to become Trump. People risk their lives and even die to become Trump.

Our future lies in our decolonized minds, our youth who we refuse to tell lies to. Our elders that we care for without institutions, corporations or poverty pimps. This time is about truth, its about healing, its about love and most of all its about what decolonizers, revolutionaries and truth-tellers are already doing and have been doing for a very long time.

And as we enter a time of collective trauma due to this monster-rule, please don't get lost in it, remember that interdependence and love and liberation is real too and self-determiNATION is really real- holding each other- caring for each other- not institutions, not corporations-but each other - the way we walk ALREADY.

The most liberatory work of the Black Panthers, MOVE, Shackdwellers Union in South Africa, Aunti-Frances Self-Help Love Mission, POOR Magazine,Idriss Stelley Foundation, Krip Hop Nation, Deecolonize Academy and  Homefulness  were not built with help from the State. they were built with self-determined people refusing to give up in the face of so much existent hate.

This time is a deep message from ancestors, and like POOR Magazine elephant council elder, prayer bringer and co-founder of Sogorea Te Land Trust Corrina Gould just blogged, "We come from baaadass ancestors." So realize  the work we are all doing is that much more serious now and we all need to stay strong, continue the badass organizing work we are already doing, dont lose yourself in the circus and recognize politricks for what it is- poli-TRICKS


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