Poor Peoples Don't Have Presidents - RAD & Other Pre-Trump Anti-black, Anti-Poor Laws & Demand for Reparations

Tiny - Posted on 11 November 2016

Poor , unhoused/barely housed,indigenous, disabled, Black, Brown, and Red peoples don't have presidents - we have prison wardens, police, sheriffs, anti-social workers, landlords, judges, bailiffs, poverty pimps, case manglers,ICE agents, CPS workers, and debt collectors.

Under kkklinton we lost welfare, institutionalized the criminalizaiton and incarceration of young peoples, under Reagan we got called welfareQUEENs and accused of stealing and were permanently kkkriminalized and racialized as poor single parents, lost all mental hellth care and under Bush working class and poor folks lost the right to file foreclosure suits, began fake wars against all Muslim peoples locally and globally, lost Dental care and were told we had to get married and under Obama more of our families were deported than ever, poLice terror against Black and Brown people and unhoused people has continued and increased and all of our public ( poor people housing has been stolen) . 

Since the beginning of this kkkolonial theft our lives have been and are consistently consumed by an endless stream of people that feed off of us, profit off us and "manage us" obstacles that we have to navigate just to get through a day, acquire a crumb of help, stay housed, sheltered, not beaten, not terrorized, not deported, not have our children, belongings and lives seized, searched, harassed or ended.

So where does this leave us in the face of this adult Chucky monster claiming some "control" over us. First of all, it is important for those of us holding on barely to the margins of this stolen land to understand and innerstand that our dribble down experience of the monsterule is really just an intensified hate, oppression and terror of what we are already experiencing. To preserve our human and mental bodies we need to stay sane and realize this is NOTHING new,

Next we need to take action and yes thats protest, but its also offensive. This is the time to launch those reparations cases. Reparations for stolen lives, stolen profits, stolen land, stolen rights.

Three years ago when the horror of the privatization of all public housing as we know it was launched by a illegal, backroom deal between poverty pimps, non-profit and for-profiteering housing devil-opers and HUD/Housing Authority, POOR Magazine and the Bayview launched a series of actions and a call out to a revolutioanry law firm who would represent Black, Brown and Poor peoples living in public housing for generations who were now facing eviction from their neighborhoods, barrios, towns because the stolen Ohlone land that their housing was built on was considered too  valuable for mere poor Black and Brown families to live on. This "program" is called RAD and began under Demicans Obama, Ed Lie and was written by another demican Julian Castro.

As reported in multiple stories by POOR Magazine and the Bay View Newspaper since 2013, the RAD program will mean the mass displacement and houselessness of literally thousands of very poor families across these United Snakkkes.

Last week,our Demican "mayor" Ed Lie, who has consistently navigated stolen Ohlone (San Francisco) land, resources housing and dollars to the very rich, causing the mass eviciton and displacement of elders like 100 year old Iris Canada and the PoLice death of Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, Amilcar Perez Lopez, Mario Woods and Alex Nieto, proudly announced again that he "successfully transferred all the public housing to private devil-opers

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch is pleased to continue its work with the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Housing Authority on the second phase of SF-RAD,” said Maria Barry, Bank of America Merrill Lynch community development executive

This announcement is yet another example of the blatant theft of resources from the people and specifically from very poor people who will have nowhere to live once we lose our housing. This is when we have the backdrop of ballot measures in cities across amerikkklan that make it more illegal than it already was to be unhoused. And all of this is under a so-called "democrat"  Neo-liberalism is killing us. Who needs ChuckyTrump?

So once again, i hope people move offensively. If we can't stop this evil from being inaugurated and even if we can, revolutionary lawyers help us launch those reparations and equity cases, disengage from the lie of "capitalist success", institutional skool debt, private ownership, nuclear families, age-grade separated lives, education and PoLice and the belief that if we just get the right poltrickster we will be ok.
This is also why POOR Magazine, Krip Hop Nation, and the Sogorea Te Land Trust launched the Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour this year in Ohlone and Tongva Lands and will be touring and offerring the medicine of redistribution to land-stealers and wealth-hoarders in New York, Phlily and beyond in 2017 with the solutions of poor, indigenous and Black led self-determination projects like Sogorea Te Land Trust, Homefulness and the Aunti Frances Self-Help Program
Poor People Don't have presidents or Governors or Mayors. We have ourselves.

"Change Wont Come from a Savior, a Pimp or an Institution- Change Will Conly Come from a Poor People-led Revolution.... Po Poets Project

To contact us to get involved in the stolen land tour or help us launch this lawsuit for equity -email us at deeandtiny@gmail.com


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