Behold-Jane the GentriFUker & Conscious the Crakkker- Post Trump Infiltration Tactics

Tiny - Posted on 16 November 2016

All my life my mama would use/utilize my light-skinned-ness to survive. Land-stealers, harassing kkkops, evicting sheriffs, kkkort judges and poverty pimps working on scarcity models,  I was there.

"Put on a suit, tell them you are a 25 year old wite gurl and they will believe you cause racism is alive and well in amerikkka," my mama used to say. And she was always right. Apartment after apartment, i would don the "suit" (purchased at Kmart for 10.99) and I , a 12 year old girl, would tell a story about making $65,000 a year and being 25 years old and they would believe me without a blink of any eye. This was because i looked like my colonizer father. No other reason. My mama was always turned down for the same apartment or subjected to endless hoops she could not jump through.

"Use your strength, your skin privilege and the energy and health i have given to you and help us out or we won't make it."
From as early as i could remember my light skin was used as a survival tool in this stolen land. Many people who have not "missed a meal" as my mama used to say, woudl think many of the "survival" strategies i had to do were abuse. I thought of them then as i do now as the way to make it, as the way to help my mama and me survive in a world hell bent on the destruction of an unhoused, disabled single woman, single mother of color and child. This is how I learned infiltration tactics.
In a Post-Trump Amerikkklan I am officially announcing my plan to go undercover- or above cover - or what my cover "art/person" will be. Due to my lack of melanin ( I refuse to call it "privilege") I can act as a protector, front-man, watcher, infiltrator. Like i have been doing all my life, I am just publicly announcing it and putting out the open call to fellow light-skinned, wite-skinned poverty skolaz to do the same.
If there is an apartment to be rented, a credit report to be attained,a kkkop to watch, an ICE agent to be spoken to , I'll be there. Like I already do. Just going public with a challenge to do the same. If there is a kkklan member to be talked to, I'm here. A Devil-oper, sheriff or real estate snakkke to be navigated, I will be there, Like i already am.
Behold Jane the GentriFUKer and Conscious the Crakkker.

For folks with race and class privilege the call is different and deeper like we teach at POOR Magazine's PeopleSkool  and POOR Magazine's solidarity family who graduated form Peopleskool manifest, i am asking you to understand, overstand and innerstand that this is the time to activate what I call Community Reparations- To activate emergency redistribution of your resources. 

This begins by realizing that just because you were born into inherited and stolen wealth it doesnt mean that you have a better  understanding than someone who was not, what to do with those resources. Once you have realized this, please begin immediately redistributing those resources to help purchase stolen indigenous territory for unhoused, migrant/immigrant, indigenous, and formerly incarcerated peoples to help build more examples of what we poor, unhoused, migrant, indigenous youth and elders are manifesting at Homefulness and our sistren at Sogorea Te Land Trust. Both of these are poor and indigenous peoples-led land liberation movements focused on freeing up stolen indigenous land from the lie of "property ownership" and creating self-determiNATIONs, which in the case of Homefulness will eventually become safe havens for any and all indigenous peoples in danger of removal by (Not Your)Homeland Sekkkurity

If you need help to innerstand this concept even further, i encourage you to enroll in PeopleSkool and/or am offering my consultation skills to anyone who is on the fence about redistributing their hoarded and stolen wealth or join us in the 2017 Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour through Amerikkklan,

For those of you light skinned poor peoples of color and/or poor wite peoples, don't keep worrying about melanin and your lack of it, just activate those inherent privileges, activate clear and present protection, navigation and conversations with the amerikkklan population of perpetrators and bring on the infiltration.

The next session of PeopleSkool is on Jan 28-29 - email to register.


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