6th Annual Mercado de Cambio/ Tha Po' Sto' Holiday Art Market

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2016

the 6th Annual Mercado de Cambio/Tha Po Sto- Holiday Art Market & Knowledge XChange -

Join POOR MagazineHomefulness & Deecolonize Academy for our yearly art Market and Knowledge XCHange!!! - 

Poets, Artists & Revolutioanries From Standing Rock to Huchuin Speaking on Liberation from kkkorporaate destrcution, gentriFUKation, land liberation and PoLice Terror- Poor, the Poetas POBREs/Po Poets Project, Unhoused and Indigenous artists selling handmade art- & so much more

Also Special Treat- a Multi-generational Talent Sho featuing Deecolonize Academy students and ANYONE else who wants to show up- Categores include Dance, Singing, Comedy, Art & Other

POOR Magazine is in fack Po - only surviving on donations only-& thiis the ONLY funraiser we do all year!!! so please come thru, watch the sho, have fun, learn sumthin and/or Make a donation 

SPECIAL TREAT- the Night before Friday, Decemebr 9th is Queer Cumbia- in honor of POOR & Deecolonize Academy so come thru to either or both !!!


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