A List of does of Krip-Hop Nation/Leroy in 2017 It's HUUUUUGE!! Listen to Rinnessy talk About Krip-Hop Nation

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 02 January 2017

- Krip-Hop Nation tenth anniversary with DJ Quad CD late Jan.
- Black Kripple new EP, Krip-Blues Stories, Feb.
- Leroy Moore's Children Book, Black Disability Art History 101 will be publish by Xochitl Justice Press and illustrations by Asian Robles. late Feb.
- Krip-Hop Nation's All Women CD. Compile by Lisa Ganser and Vita E. Cleveland in March
- Krip-Hop Nation Bay Area Tour July 
- Joe Capers' Month August Film, Naru. August
-Part Two of A Journey To The South Tour (Back to South Africa/Ghana) Aug
- A Journey To The South Africa film/book Dec
- Ronald Galiwango & Krip-Hop Nation continue to raise funds so Eunice in Uganda can finish her education to become an advocate of people with disabilities.


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