Youth Skolaz Have A Dream... Dedicated to Dr Martin Luther King Jr & All Revolutionary Ancestors

Tiny - Posted on 15 January 2017

Editors Note: The following Dreams were created by students of Deecolonize Academy's Revolutionary Journalism Class in honor of revolutionary ancestor Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his famous Speech " I have a Dream".  (All of our youth skolaz are fluent in Ebonics and don't power the kkkolonizers language any higher than their indigenous languages- even though they do know so-called "English" well and know how and when to code-switch when necessary- however in this piece they chose to publish their pieces in their favorite tongues)

My dream is.................. by queena, 11years old


My dream is that I want to be a dancer.

When i'm a good dancer I will go around the world and teach other kids to dance. I will also be helping other kids to stay out of trouble. Dance, Choreography is the act of designing dance. That is why I dance and I want to teach the world.



When my dream come true I will be starting my business and becoming a choreographer and teaching kids in the community. If people say “i don't like your business'', I will just say ''okay it don't bother me'', Most people will not like it but some people will. At least I will love teaching kids.



Dancing helps you relax when you have a bad energy out of your body and if you don't have anything to do you dance.




My dream is Hokage


By Daione, 12 years old

My Dream is to become hokage to protect everyone around me give them what they want and a place to stay be strong never go back on your word. I rather be old while im Hokage because just like Naruto ill grow up and follow his footsteps because he taugh me a lot and now I want to be there for him his my Hero.


He is a ninja and he is a little boy who wants to make everything complete with his life but now he is in big truble because he has to save his best friend sasuke from the bad guys But the thing thats sad is that Naruto never got to see his parents when he was little But im going to be there for him to show him his parents just one last time Naruto Sasuke and Sakura showed me everything and now its my turn to save them.


We need to more protecting people in our World! Thats why Naruto has to become Hokage him and sasuke had a big fight! He could of died because sasuke is to strong for naruto . Thats why people ask me what is Hokage? Hokage is a Wonderful person that is powerful and to save its village and make sure people is safe making sure people wont kill them its a hsrd job to be a homage THATS MY DREAM! And I Wont back down.




21st Century Dream

By Tiburcio 13 years old


“I have a dream…” Were the words of the famous African-American pastor and doctor, Martin Luther King Jr. He said those words in front of the White House on August 28, 1963, in Washington D.C. 53 years later, I looked back at Martin Luther King’s dream speech and it inspired me to have my own dream (other than the fact that I was given a dream essay as a class assignment).


My dream is to make sure that every child realizes the truth that is kept from them most of the time. That they are listened to and adults realize that children are wise as well as they are but in different ways.


My dream would be very hard to fulfill since I am a child myself, I cannot get my point across. What I will do is seek out adults who support children’s ideas and actually listen to us which there are few. I would ask them, as adults to work with us children to get our point across to other adults.


But, I do realize that many children are in many different stages of development mentally, so I advise that that we would appoint representatives to make sure that the children do not look like idiots.


In Conclusion, I believe that children would be good at being not leaders but advisors and if my dream does not get completed by the time I turn eighteen, I will do my best to support children who need help achieving their dreams.       


My Dream

by Aselah, 12 years old 


My dream is to become a S.V.U detective which stands for Special Victims Unit which is also what I wish to be when I grow up, because i already will know ill be good at what i do and how I do it.


In my dream I would be the most active and best detective on the squad I can be because I want to make sure everyone who is hurt or harmed that comes my way is safe and ok,because if my family was in danger id do ever and anything in and out of my power to keep them in safe bounds because I wouldn't want them to be uncomfortable everywhere they go because of societys mistakes. so I would want to make sure that happened to every victim that comes across my way is going to be fine because i know that have a family just like me that they wanna keep safe like me.


My argument and conclusion to this is by the time being I'm determined to make sure I reach my dream and no one will stop me because, ill be really good at what ill do and ill enjoy doing what I do anytime anywhere. In conclusion that will always be my dream nothing will change it and that is what my whole life ill be striving for.


MY DREAM by amir cornish 13 years old


my dream is to be an engineer because 

i want to help my black community

people how to build car's, and other 

thing like comptuer, phones, all of the 



Why should it happen because

it's fun teaching other people but also i could 

help a lot of people that are homeless and 

rich .


Why my dream so important i could 

teach other peopleand kids also family's

member and you don't have to buy a car's 

because you will know all aready how to

build a car.





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