Water protectors from DAPL and beyond.

Tiny - Posted on 22 January 2017

When I was a little boy growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, the mainstream media had just started talking about or admitting that pollution was a problem. But we barely heard anything about water pollution, mostly air pollution and littering.

Now there is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t hear about water being polluted or contaminated somehow. And it is always due to water being intentionally polluted or the gross negligence of government or some large corporation who have no regard for the health of poor and indigenous people.

This of course is known as environmental racism. But it is not just limited to poor people of color. Even rural areas where poor white people live are subject to these careless and hateful practices.

This environmental racism/terrorism goes beyond even those places . Literally from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli and anywhere else KKKapitalism rears its ugly head and dips its filthy fingers. And i is almost always backed up with the force of military might of the United SnaKKKes of AmeriKKKa.

India is an established nation and it is not exempt.

If these pigs are not contaminating water they are cutting off the water rights of poor and indigenous people such as the Zionist state of Israel cutting off the water rights of the Indigenous People Of Palestine [Israel] during “peace” time and even worse during an “official war” which occurs no fewer than every 5 years or so.

Most of us have heard about contamination of water in Flint , Michigan. But it was never mentioned in national news until those harmed by it reached epidemic proportions with a record number of birth defects, disease and other tragic events concentrated in one area.

The largest gathering of not only American Indian Tribes in history but of Indigenous tribes across the globe is taking place in Standing Rock , North Dakota due to a monstrously evil plan known Dakota Access Pipeline, or Dapl for short.

This plan had and has the intention of disregarding the water rights of the indigenous people of Standing Rock Sioux reservation that is ceded in both north and South Dakota

It was rerouted from Bismarck , North Dakota, a predominately white jurisdiction, when residents there complained that it would contaminate their water.

Without missing a beat they immediately rerouted it towards Standing Rock completely ignoring the treaties established with the local Sioux tribes and even continued to carry on with their efforts and ignoring protocol by not having the necessary work permits signed off by the Army Corp of Engineers.

And of course the Army did nothing to stop them in fact North Dakota invoked his powers to have National Guard storm in and attack the water protectors with everything from water cannons to tear gas and percussion grenades, causing multiple occurrences of maiming injuries.

Ultimately KKKapitalist pigs intend to contaminate many water sources across the globe making our most needed and abundant resource obsolete and denying it as a human right to further control the masses.

The CEO of Nestle, a known water hoarder and slave laborist , has gone on record as saying water should not be considered a human right.

Nestle owns S.Pellegrino , Arrowhead , Perrier Poland , Acqua Panna , Vittel , Contrex and many other brands .


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