20 Years of Work, Looking Back From 1996 Up To Today

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 27 January 2017

As Poor Magazine & Krip-Hop Nation celebrate their anniversay, Poor Magazine- 21 years & Krip-Hop Nation - 10 years, I thought it was a great time to look back of my work in the Bay Area since 1996.  I moved from CT/NY to SF, CA in 1991.  This is not to blow air in my head but to take time to track my work and give Black/Brown disabled youth a piece of plateform and mirror to build on or to make their own way. 


Before I get to the list, as you will see I have strong ties to Poor Magazine.  Please read about Poor Magazine 21st anniversary beneefit:

The 21st Anniversary Benefit of Poor Magazine will be raising money for the new KEXU 96.1fm Radio Transmitter and will be featuring Special Guests: Dr Loco's Rockin Jalapeño Band Resistance Awards Ceremony honoring Avotcja Jiltonilro, Corrina Gould, Aunti Frances Moore, Osha Neuman, La Mesha Irizarry and many more special guests still to come!!! with Dinner, Dancing & 2017 POOR Press Book Release.  The benefit will take place at East Side Arts Alliance 2277 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606 Feb. 10th 7-11ppm. Please call to make reservations 510-435-7500  Tickets -$5-100.00 donation - No-one Turned away for lack of funds

1996 - Illin-N-Chillin column on Race & Disability @ Poor Magazine & became a member of Poor Magazine.

1998 - Disability Advocates of Minority Org DAMO & New Voices: Disabled Poets & Artists of Color.

1998 - Moore-Gray MatterBerkeley Pubic Access TV &  Started to write for SF Bayview Newspaper.

1998 - With Lisa "Tiny" Garcia under Poore Magazine started PoPoets Project

1999 -Black Disabled Man with Big Mouth & High I.Q. chapbook.

2000 - Black Disabled Man with Big Mouth & High spoken word CD.

2001 - Senseless Crimes Open Forum: Crimes Against People with Disabilities. 

2002 - The Disabled Ebonics Tour & Awarded KQED (SF) Local Hero Award.

2004 - Open Forum "The War on the Disabled: People of Color Speak Out, Fight Back against Police Brutality." 

2006  With Patty Berne, Todd Hermann help started Sins Invalid.

2007 - Krip-Hop Nation on KPFA & first CD.

2009 - Diversity Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop & Homo-Hop Event.

2010 Krip-Hop Nation first international Art Festival @ DADAFest Liverpool, UK.

2012 Krip-Hop Nation’s Police Brutality Profiling Hip-Hop CD.

2014 - SF Baview Newspaper awarded Leroy F. Moore Jr Champion of Disabled People in Media. Also teamed up ugandan journalist, Ronald Galiwango to raise funds for a wheelchair and paying two years of education for a disabled young woman, Eunice Atim 

2015 Where Is Hope: Film Documentary on Plice Brutality Against People with Disabilities with Emmitt Thrower.

2016 Krip Hop Nation (USA) and THISABILITY NEWSPAPER (South Africa) from the 4th to the 27th of December 2016 undertook an epic journey across South Africa. The aim is to profile creatives with disabilities to raise their voice and talents to link them to socio-economic platforms Where their creations are included in the mainstream. The tour aims to make a documentary movie and a book to be published internationally.

2017 (So far) Jan.  Krip-Hop Nation tenth anniversary CD


What is next for LEROY MOORE/Krip-Hop Nation?  Stay Tune!


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