Twenty-One Black Disabled Trivia In Black History Month (Ongoing Trivia List, Please Make Yours)

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 02 February 2017

1) This slave rescued other slaves and brought them to freedom. Who is she? What was her disability?

2) This famous soul singer in 1997 he wrote a book called Truly Blessed, about his life before and after his accident. Who is he?

3) This African American is the first deaf professional baseball player. Who is he?

4) This Black actor is an inspirational speaker who played in Boyz N in the Hood. Who is he?

5)A 1992 comedy show, ‘In Living Color’, introduced the first Black disabled hero. Who was it?

6)This Black amputee, 1984 Olympic skier and author was the first Director for President Clinton’s Human Capital Issues on the National Economic Council. Who is it?

7)  DuBose Heyward’s book, PORGY, about a Black disabled beggar, was a storyline of a Black opera.  What was?

8)  In 1828 or 1829, so the story is told, in free Cincinnati or down the river in slave Louisville, or maybe in Pittsburgh (or was it Baltimore?), an obscure actor named Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice came across a crippled black stablehand doing a grotesquely gimpy dance.  Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice made this dance popular in minstrel shows and letter his name was used as laws in the show that separated Blacks and whites in public areas.   Who was?

9)  George Washington’s housemaid, a Black, toothless, blind and physically disabled elderly slave was one of the first to be exhibit in a Philadelphia freak  show.  Who was?

10)  This Blind Black  Jazz singer who sang with Duke Ellington's orchestra before having several pop hits as a solo artist.   He also  marched with Martin Luther King Jr. & said, “ "Tho' I'm blind I can see the injustice here.”  Who was?

11)  He was the President of the Rock Hill NAACP and  in 1961 held a “wheelchair sit-in.” He rolled up to the lunch counter at McCrory in his wheelchair and asked for service, but was denied. He claimed that he did not break any laws because he never actually sat on a lunch counter seat.”  Who was?

12)  This famous peg leg dancer owned a country club for Black americans in upstate New York during 1951-1987 along with his wife.  Who was?

13)  She is a Black Deaf actress and has played in movies like Barber Shop 2 and in Compensation.  Who is?

14)   This Black amputee, 1984 Olympic skier and author was the first Director for former President Bill Clinton’s Human Capital  Issues on National Economic Council.  Who is?

15)  He was in a car accident that left him a wheelchair user.  He was a CEO of 2nd Generation Records and building a entertainment complex in Detroit MI.  He wrote a book about his life entitled, Going Full Circle: From Life to Death to Life.   Who was?

16)  He was a Black disabled activist and Black Panther.  He helped to bring the Black Panther into the San Francisco 504 protest in 1977 at the federal building in San Francisco.  It was written that his frame was, revolutionary black nationalism and disability power had already combined.  Who was?

17)  In this national origination became the first national organization for & by Black Disabled people & their supporters.  Who is?

18) This all Black Deaf Hip-Hop dance troupe is from D.C..  Who is?

19) This folk Black singer used to lead Black Blind Blues singer all through the south as a little boy in the early 1920’s.  Who was?

20)  He was one of the first Blind music producers in Oakland, CA Hip-Hop scene back in the 80’s and early 90’s.  He worked on Tony! Toni! Tone! gold album, Who, and had an accessible studio in the Oakland Hills.  Who was?

21)  She is making her way in the Hip-Hop arena as a blind Hip-Hop artist today, 2017.  Who is?

Pic Black blind women on a basketball court after she sang holding her cane. Wearing Black glasses, Black t-shirt that reads NO SIGHT NO FEAR & on the back it says:  #Team Ant


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