Youth & Families Launch Love for Migrants, Muslims & Mother Earth in the Face of all this Hate

Tiny - Posted on 20 February 2017

In the face of  the recent move by the Trump administration to approve the Dakota Access Pipeline , the Muslim ban, Betsey Devos and Jeff Sessions' approval, hiring of thousands of ICE agents and plans for a border wall, youth and families decided to respond with love.

Youth and families from the communities that this administration seems to hate so much will be speaking love and respect for ourselves , our mama earth, our water, our public education, and our communities in this face of all this hate, racism and Mama Earth's destruction 

"Water is life, we can't live without it- we can't live without Mama Earth, "said Queena 11years old

"We are the mothers and children, the elders and youth that the Trump Administration hates, we refuse to accept this hate for our unhoused, disabled, low-income, migrant/immigrant, indigenous, Black and Brown bodies," said Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia.
"Love comes in all colors," said Miguel, 15 
Call out to all youth and families, elders and communities to join us with their statements of love.

Click Here to Watch the Follow-up Action at the Federal Building 


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