Sweeping us Like we are Trash - Press Conference

Tiny - Posted on 17 March 2017

Sweeping Unhoused People Like we were Trash in Berkeley
Berkeley Police and Public Works Removes Hundreds of Unhoused People and Throws Away Belongings

What: Emergency Press Conference Demanding the Return of Belongings and Access to Liberated Ohlone Land to safely sleep on

Where: On Gilman Street at the foot of Hwy 80
When: Thurs, Jul 21st  at 4pm

"We have nowhere to go, " Max C , an unhoused person who was removed today at 7:00am from his encampment at Gilman street in Berkeley, "They threw away all of our stuff, " he concluded.

Beginning at 8am this morning The City of Berkeley,accompanied by Berkeley Police Department gave people a 5 minute warning, drew guns and forced the removal of hundreds of unhoused people who were camping on Gilman street. If people did not take their belongings they were thrown into a dumpster.
"The ACLU, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and East Bay Community Law Center are gathering evidence for a possible class action suit against Cal Trans for their acts of thefts of belongings, " said revolutionary lawyer Osha Neuman
"When we are unhoused our belongings are no longer considered "belongings" - our bodies and our possessions are criminalized and we are considered trash, said Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia co-founder of POOR Magazine and author of Criminal of Poverty - Growing Up Homeless in America

POOR Magazine , a poor and indigenous people-led grassroots movement , who has done extensive 1st person documentation of unhoused peoples struggles is demanding the release of liberated Ohlone Land for unhoused people to peacefully dwell on and build our own housing like we have  done at Homefulness" said Vivian Thorp , POOR Magazine leader and co-founder of Homefulness

"Give unhoused people in Berkeley liberated Ohlone land or stop removing us, " concluded Lisa tiny Gray-Garcia


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