MOVE Africa: Oppressed Peoples Herstory Final

Tiny - Posted on 29 May 2017

Just to start off, Philadelphia is one of the most racist states in the U.S now. Imagine how racist it was in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. The Mayor, then one of the most racist people alive former police commissioner Frank Rizzo was supporting and urging on the brutalization of black people all over Philadelphia. That is the reason why MOVE was started to state that black people and people of color can fight for their rights.


The belief system of the MOVE Organization is based on the writings of John Africa known as “The Guidelines”,  MOVE are deeply committed revolutionaries the way they honor their father and founder John Africa is they chant, “Long Live John Africa!”


The way MOVE contributes the revolution is they show an alternative way of living and introduce it to the world. They put out a template that other revolutionaries could see and do good things with.


MOVE was founded by John Africa but he was not their leader. They led themselves and they did not have one person leading them but all of them made executive decisions. They also didn't have to depend on the government for things because they made their own food, clothing, shelter etc.


John Africa was one of many people who started and later continued MOVE. There was also MOVE 9. MOVE 9 are 9 people who were arrested in a military attack on the MOVE household. This was August 8, 1978. This attack. Led by the Mayor and former police commissioner and before that officer Frank Rizzo. The brutally racist man who hated all people of color.


Police squadron’s filled the house with tear gas while the MOVE members who were at the house at the time were hiding from them in the basement. The MOVE members were not doing anything wrong in fact before the Philadelphia police force stormed their house they were just hanging out. They weren’t even having anything important like an event or a secret meeting. They were just being a family.


The police proceeded to pump 40,000 gallons of water into the basement with 40 fire hoses from the Philadelphia Fire Dept. It got so bad that the MOVE members had to hold their babies and animals above their heads so the children and pets wouldn't drown while MOVE was. When they tried to escape the house they were riddled with bullets from the police department that killed two of their members.


They were forced to choke on the tear gas and avoid the water that was slowly filling up their house. Nine of the members that escaped that were not killed from the bullets were brutally beaten by the police and then arrested. Those nine members were MOVE 9 who I might add, are still in jail today. The MOVE 9 are Debbie Sims Africa, Janet Holloway Africa, Janine Phillips Africa, William Phillips Africa, Delbert Orr Africa, Michael Davis Africa, Charles Sims Africa, Edward Goodman Africa and Pam Africa. They have been in jail for 39 years. Pam Africa was released in 1992 and is still fighting for the release of the other eight.


MOVE is a strong believer of Garveyism. They maintain their own food and business without relying on the white man to solve all of their problems. The government and clan members believed that MOVE was a cult and hated them. I believe the reason why they hated MOVE was because they were afraid of them. They do not want to see black people stand up for themselves and fight for their rights.


My opinion about MOVE is that it is an amazing liberation movement that encourages black and brown people to fight for themselves.


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